Litigious Country with Extraordinary Lawyers

Brazil is among the top ranked countries with the highest number of lawyers all over the world. This country has over 1240 law schools that offer law courses on different areas. Law is one of the most celebrated and promising courses in in this country. Law students in Brazil are required to pass the bar examination called Ordem dos Advogados before graduating and this thereafter gives them the ability to practice in any law field of their specialization. Brazil derives most of its laws from German, French and Italian civil law and since 1998; this country has been using the Federal Constitution as its main supreme law. With over 800,000 law professionals in Brazil, it is quite a difficult task to identify the best lawyer to represent your case in the best manner ever. However, associating yourself with lawyers such as Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho will guarantee you total success and satisfaction.


A Renowned Brazilian Lawyer

With a humble beginning, Ricardo Tosto has risen to being a prominent and most respected legal expert situated in Brazil. He went to Mackenzie University, a private university in Sao Paulo where he attained his outstanding degree in law. Mr. Tosto started his law practice in a home office environment before becoming a great player within the prolific corporate litigation company.

Over the years, Ricardo Tosto has represented several public figures in complex and compelling cases. With an extensive and excellent understanding of law, he has also served many corporations and multinationals in Brazil by providing them with amazing legal assistance. This has made him build a good and strong reputation with institutions, individuals and businesses throughout Brazil. Ricardo Tosto is popularly known for his courtroom style and litigation strategy. As a powerful lawyer he always looks forward to giving the highest and best quality representation for his esteemed clients.


His Accomplishments

Apart from working as a lawyer, Mr. Tosto is also a proficient writer. He has written several articles on law, his major area of focus being corporate and business laws. In addition he has managed to offer proper training to his interns thus making them useful people who in turn become his partners.

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