Malcolm CasSelle & Cryptocurrency

Virtual assets have forever changed the world of money and commerce. Cryptocurrency is invading the gaming industry and Malcolm CasSelle and his company are on the forefront of virtual assets in the gaming industry.

In the major system of virtual assets, there is a collection of marketplaces that securely handle the payment integration and language of these virtual assets. However, because of security measures, some of these assets are limited to certain regions and countries. This creates a broken system of virtual payments. Malcolm CasSelle’s company, Wax Token, is a platform that creates a seamless process for users to tokenize their virtual gaming assets. Wax’s pioneering blockchain technology is creating a secure way for sellers and buyers to effectively monetize their tokens.

Malcolm CasSelle is a technology entrepreneur. He is the CIO of OpSkins, a masterful global company with major in-game virtual asset sales. He is the president of WAX. Malcolm is an educated man with degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford University. He got both of his degrees in computer science. Throughout his career, he has put his computer science brain to work by working for several technology companies and moving up the ranks to president of a leading virtual assets company.

Malcolm CasSelle’s career in technology began in 1995 producing Afrocentric culture media. He went on to working in telecommunications and investments. He has worked as an executive for top companies like Groupon. In 2012, he began working in the video game side of the technology industry. He has a history as an investor. He was an investor in the early stages of Zynga and Facebook. Today, he participates in investments involving bitcoin companies.

The booming industry of virtual assets is beaming with possibilities of fraud and security issues. Malcolm CasSelle, a man with many years of computer and technology success, is leading the future with his company’s pioneering platform. Because the world of virtual currency is only growing and becoming more popular, it is sure that the WAX platform will continue to enable users a safe and speedy process of monetizing their virtual assets.

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