Michel Terpins Wins Again In The Brazil Rally

As is tradition, Rally dos Amigos closes the calendar of events of the Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship. Feast of the teams and the champions of the season, as the pilot Rodrigo Terpins, who closed 2017 with the title of Brazilian Champion and the Sertoes Rally, both in the category Prototypes T1. This Saturday, in Avare (SP), was no different. The Bull Sertoes Rally Team, formed by Terpins and the navigator Beco Andreotti, took the podium and was runner-up of the race and also the category.

The 120 km timed (Special) stretch was approved by competitors and provided fierce disputes amidst sugarcane and eucalyptus plantations. In the course, variations of the floor with picarras, gravel, sand, curves and stretches caught and a long straight at the end.

Onboard the T-Rex # 322, the duo rode at a strong pace and finished Special with the fastest time, but a penalty on a radar cost them a place in the standings. “It was a pleasurable and very good test that had fast stretches, others caught and narrow stretches that demanded caution. We walked well, but due to the penalty we were in second, anyway, we did not depend on this stage to finish the championship, “explained Terpins, who won the Brazilian title in anticipation.

Andreotti passed the stage which required a lot of navigation. “The Special was very nice, had a lot of navigation and various types of terrain like cane, forest and eucalyptus. We also came to have fun and meet friends at this closing stage of the season, “says the navigator, who did not take the title of Brazilian, because he did not complete all the tests with Terpins. On the other hand, he closed 2017 as Sertoes Rally Champion in general of the cars and won the Golden Helmet as Best Off-Road Navigator, but with another driver (Cristian Baumgart). You can visit marketresearchtech.com


“Our team (Bull Sertoes Rally Team) closed the year with a golden key, and I thank the mechanics who worked very well in the car, my navigators Beco and Maykel Justo (with whom I won the Sertoes Rally) and my family who always supported me, “Terpins concludes.


A few years ago, the passion for speed and off-road took the brothers from Sao Paulo Rodrigo Terpins (44 years and with five Rally dos Sertoes in the curriculum) and Michel Terpins (41 years and 10 participants in the Sertoes Rally) to form the Bull Sertoes Rally Team team. Both drivers have competed for four seasons in the Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship and Sertoes Rally in the Prototype T1 category. In 2017, the team’s achievement came in double, when RodrigoTerpins won the Sertoes Rally Champion and also the Brazilian Cross Country Rally Champion, two unpublished titles for the team.


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