Oren Frank is Transforming Mental Healthcare

Mental health is crucial for every individual, but most people do not access it. Others are not aware of its essence so; they take it for granted. In addition to these issues, mental health care is not readily available to everyone. The services are expensive for some people while others lack time to access them. Oren Frank thought about all these issues and factors and established a solution that benefits everyone.

Oren and Roni Frank decided to utilize technology and social media presence. By creating Talkspace, an online and mobile app, people will have access to mental healthcare all the time. Regardless of the time or location, the app offers therapy services to anyone requiring them. Users are using online paying methods convenient for them and receive any help needed.

So far the statistics indicate that up to one million users are benefiting from this app. The company has not been there for long yet it already making tens of millions. Talkspace is not just offering therapy but also prescribing medication to patients. Before the company began its services, Oren hired a medical officer, formerly working at United Health.

Neil Leibowitz is a highly skilled and experienced professional in the medical field. For video talking services with therapy will cost $79 and messaging goes for $49. Leibowitz will not only offer health care but also counsel on handling finances. He has experience in health insurance, and this knowledge will be vital in Talkspace. Neil is glad to be a part of this new face of healthcare. He admits that he was skeptical but later understood the positive impact it would have on the majority.

Talkspace come at a time when research reveals high statistics of depression and anxiety among millennials. An app on your device will always be there to help you through difficult times. Some people are in need of therapy, but they are uncomfortable seeking help. The app is discreet, and a patient can talk to a therapist confidentially. Therapists are also bound by the professional code to ensure privacy. Oren Frank’s idea of Talkspace was undoubtedly brilliant.

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