OSI Group Merges with Turi Foods Company

Being one of the largest food providers in the globe, OSI Industries has been making headlines with its remarkable growth rate which is expected to keep on even in the coming years. The company started from scratch rising from its humble beginning, and today it is an established, significant business corporate with about 20,000 workers present in 17 nations. Recently, the company took an extra step when it merged with Turi foods in its Australian operations, and the merger is to be named Turosi Pty Limited. The aim is to create an alliance that can provide a complete range of food solutions to retailers and consumers. The two firms believe that the merger will help them share expertise, skills, and facilities which will make them even stronger and unstoppable in the food sector.

They believe that they can make a unique world-class food company that can cater to every consumer’s needs across the globe. Both OSI Industries and Turi have maintained a strong, positive reputation with their customers, and people are likely to trust their services even more. The merger, therefore, brings in a strong potential to serve their clients in new and better ways, offering higher opportunities for their excellence. The merger will be complementing the OSI Industries especially with the already existing food brands of Colonial Farm, La lonica, and Golden farms.

Turi, which is a family-owned food company, has facilities all over Thomastown, Victoria and this makes the merger even more interesting. It happens to be among the largest poultry processing company in Australia with customers all over which include butcher shops, supermarkets, chicken retails and roast chicken outlets. Having the OSI Group in the picture will make their services even better and will help them expand their products to other parts of the world past Australia. OSI Industries on the other has been seen growing tremendously and increase its products supply from hamburger patties, pizza, and sausage links. Imagine what the merger will do to it. There will be a definite improvement in their services, products and see them reach the next level. The aim is to offer high-quality custom-made food, and achieving the goal has just been made easier.

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