OSI Group’s David McDonald Has Taken Huge Steps To Ensure The Company’s Sustainability:

David McDonald is the President and Chief Operating Officer for global food solutions leader OSI Group, LLC. David has been with the food service industry giant since 1987. From his earliest time with the company he has been an active participant in OSI Group’s global expansion efforts. He started originally as a project manager tasked with expanding OSI Group’s presence in Asia. Today, as President and COO, David McDonald continues to spearhead expansion across the map for OSI Group.

David McDonald had some interesting comments regarding a recent OSI Group expansion project in Europe. The 2016 acquisition of Dutch food company Baho Food is a huge move in pushing OSI’s European reach farther than ever. David has commented that the acquisition adds great value to the OSI Group portfolio and is expected to attract plenty of new business.

Flagship Europe was the other big OSI Group European acquisition in 2016. Flagship is a speciality producer of pies, sauces, condiments and other speciality foods. The British based company is a huge boost to OSI’s presence in the European market. The company is being rebranded under the name Creative Foods Europe.

2016 saw a huge upgrade in Toledo, Spain. The market for processed chicken in Spain and Portugal has seen huge growth in recent years. OSI Group’s answer to this increase in demand was to put a huge investment into upgrading the production line at Toledo. The upgrades have seen a doubling of processed chicken production at the facility. The facility has gone from producing 12,000 tons per year of processed chicken to a massive 24,000 tons of processed chicken per year.

OSI Group also celebrated a huge European award in 2016 as well. The British Safety Council has presented OSI Group with its Globe of Honour Award. This award recognizes the huge effort OSI Group has made in its commitment to environmental management and sustainability. The company earned a 5-Star rating from the British Safety Council in order to qualify for the prestigious award.

David McDonald is also helping to maintain OSI Group’s sustainability by continuing the company tradition of family values. OSI Group has a history of maintaining its employees on a long-term basis. The company is known for a family-oriented work environment. The company also is known for treating its customers like family and maintaining numerous long-term customer relationships. These company values were fostered by Chief Executive Officer Sheldon Lavin and continue to be encouraged by David McDonald.

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