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Igor Cornelsen Enlightens Investors with Sights on Brazil

Igor Cornelsen is confident about his skills in the investment world. He is certain of his skills in the Brazilian stock market. He has been doing this long enough to give advice to anyone that is not familiar with Latin America. This is a great part of the charm of someone like Igor Cornelsen. He doesn’t mind helping people out when they need the help. He has certainly become a champion of investing that knows how carve out tips that people need to make better investing decisions.


One step that Igor Cornelsen recommends is to watch for the red tape. An investment in some stocks may not yield the returns that you would expect right away because of red tape. There may be too many politics involved, and the government may put a hold on what is being done. This does not mean that it will not happen. It just means that there will be a wait for it.


Igor Cornelsen has the second tip to investing that involved the ability to check the currency rate of exchange. There can be some changes in this that occur from time to time so it is never safe to assume. Your dollar may not go as far in Brazil as it does in America or vice versa. Smart investors have to be prepared for this.


A third and final thing that Igor Cornelsen informs people about is the act of paying attention to the Brazilian natives. They can tell you a lot about what is popular just based on the way that they shop. This is crucial to the success of any area. It is so easier to place your money in something worthwhile because you know that this company is hot. You can only learn this from the Brazilian natives.


Where Americans Can Safely Invest For Retirement

Sometimes back, Warren Buffet, one of the richest man on earth said that he could make more returns from investing in a passive index fund compared to what hedge fund managers can make. Buffet believes in simple investments that are low cost and held over a long period. Tim Armour says that he concurs with Buffet’s bottom-up investment approach that involves analyzing a company before establishing a portfolio that will go for a long period. Tim Armour also agrees with Buffet’s approach that Americans should save more for their retirement and learn the art of investment.

In a recent article, Tim Armour concurred with many things that Warren Buffet believes in. The two share the same notion that mutual funds are no longer the safest investment that an American can make. According to these two gentlemen, this is as a result of the high management fees associated with this trade and also as a result of excessive trading. The two also agree that the opportunity costs and volatility risks associated with passive index investments cannot be accounted for. Tim Armour and Warren Buffet hold the same notion that passive investment should be about long term investments returns coupled with low costs.

These two gentlemen also agree that passive index investments should be questioned as the safest path for Americans facing retirement. Despite being profitable in the long run, passive index investments are very risky in case of a down market. This industry has seen trillions pumped in the last few years. However, only less than 40 percent of the investors know about the volatility that comes along with the industry and how they would mitigate their losses in case of a market downturn. According to Warren Buffet analysis, an investment made in the S&P worth $10,000 four decades ago would be worth $500,000. Tim Armour then says that an individual who made the same investment with active funds would also have made the same amount during this time. Some of America’s top active funds include the likes of American Mutual Fund, the Growth Fund of America, the Investment Company of America, Washington Mutual Investors Fund and AMCAP.

Tim Armour is well known in the United States as a Portfolio Manager with 34 years of experience in the field. Currently, this great man acts as the chief executive officer and chairman of a company called the Capital Group. Tim Armour also holds other positions with some subsidiaries of this company such as Capital Research and Management Company where he is the principal executive and chairman.

Tim Armour has been shaped by a fine education and a great mind. For his undergraduate degree, Tim Armour attended the Middlebury College in Los Angeles where he majored in Business and Economics. He has held other lesser positions with the Capital Group such as a graduate trainee and equity investment analyst. Tim Armour is well known for his notion that an investor should not settle for average returns but should strive to achieve maximum returns.

Wengie Shows Her Favorite Animal Videos


The first video  is about a black Labrador Retriever that’s trying to stop two white ducks from stealing a boy’s jacket. The amazing thing was that dog could have killed the ducks, but he moved them out of the way.


In the second video, a toddler was being swept away in a lake. A baby elephant entered the water to rescue the boy and his father. The baby elephant must have been standing on shore with his parents when he noticed trouble in the water. The water seemed a little too deep for the elephant, but he went in anyway.

Learn more about Wengie:



A Look At The Career And Philanthropy Of Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is the Founder and Managing Partner of Hager Pacific Properties in Encino, California. He is a native of Israel that graduated in 1978 from the Technion. He emigrated to the United States in 1981 and continued his education at the University of Southern California where he earned his MBA. At Hager Pacific Properties, Mr. Milstein specializes in buying, rehabilitating, and selling residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

Mr. Milstein is also heavily involved in the Israeli-American community as a leader and philanthropist. He co-founded the Israeli-American Council and serves as the organization’s National Chairman. Other boards he sits on are numerous and include Hasbara Fellowships, AIPAC National Council, Israel on Campus Coalition, and the Los Angeles Board of Birthright Israel among others. He also established Sifriyat Pijama B’America along with his wife, Gila. This is a nonprofit that provides free month books that are written in Hebrew to Israeli-Jewish-American families across the nation.

Adam Milstein first entered the Southern California real estate market as a Real Estate Commercial Broker. Three years later he decided to start investing his own money in real estate and so he established Hagar Pacific Properties. He splits his time between his business and his philanthropy as he finds that the most satisfying way to lead his life.

As an entrepreneur, there are going to be failures along the way. One that Adam Milstein has talked about is when he lived in Israel and sold art to temples. He was having some good success at this so he decided to purchase a huge inventory of art which ended up taking him far longer to sell than he had thought it would. The lesson he learned is to not expect success in a short period of time.

Through Hager Pacific, Adam Milstein owns almost 100 properties around the United States. One of his biggest investments is in multi-family real estate and he owns over 3,000 apartment units. He also owns 10 million square feet of commercial and industrial properties. Altogether, the value of the properties he has invested in exceeds $1 billion in value.

An Overview of Jeffry Schneider

Jeffry Schneider is the founding CEO of Ascendant Capital, LLC a firm specializing in alternative investment. Jeffry resides in Texas but is originally from Manhattan and holds a bachelor’s degree in science from Amherst’s University of Massachusetts. At the onset of his career, he worked at well-known firms such as Smith Barney and Merrill Lynch. After that he worked at Paradigm Global Advisors and at Axion Capital Management between march 2002 and January 2006 in senior managerial positions.


It was while he was working in these firms that he gained in-depth knowledge of the alternative market focusing on exclusive and particular function and also learned how to invest. He is also very skilled at developing and maintaining strong relationships with both partners and clients.


Jeffrey’s hobbies and interests include


  • Fitness and healthy eating habits


  • Travelling and exploration


  • Participating in charitable works




Jeffry has over 20 years’ experience in the investment arena. Due to his extensive knowledge and exposure he is considered to be a leading authority in Texas when it comes to alternative investment. Currently, he is helping a couple of large companies maintain low debts and increase income in a short span of time by developing strategies on which potential investors can capitalize.


Ascendant was founded in March 2012. Over the last five years Ascendant Capital has rapidly grown from just having two employees to over thirty staff members. It is now a topmost alternate investment boutique company with a large portfolio of big firms.

According to Jeffry, the best way to reduce volatility and diversify holdings is through alternative investment.




The company’s success can be attributed to factors such as


  • Conducive working environment


  • Open dialogue


  • Trust among the team members


  • Transparency


  • Prioritizing its responsibilities towards its investors.


Jeffry Schneider is no doubt, an investment kingpin and takes great pride in successfully founding and leading his firm to great success and through his leadership Ascendant Capital LLC is definitely headed for greater heights.




Profiting from a Down Market Starts by Investing with Highland Capital Investment

When choosing an investment firm, one has to go over the fundamentals of the company carefully. For starters, nothing oozes more confidence than dealing with a vastly experienced company which boasts of an impeccable track record of delivering sublime results for their clients. A smart investor first examines the financial statements of the prospective SEC registered company before proceeding any further. Highland Capital Management satisfies the above-mentioned criteria among other pertinent aspects too. Here’s their story.


Underlying Principles


Highland Capital Management is bounded by the philosophical principles of experience, discipline, and boldness. Today, the investment firm is said to hold assets just shy of clocking the $15 million mark. The organization specializes in providing affordable credit to high-net-worth individuals and corporate clients. This establishment has made an indelible mark on the financial world for their flexible collateralized loans obligations. Consumers always win thanks to their carefully selected short/long term equities investments. Additionally, the clients receive accurate, well- researched insights and advice on where to put their money for instance on the emerging markets, on pension plans and endowments.


Background Information


The company got set up by the prominent investors, James Dondero and Mark Okada in 1993. The firm is recognized and registered by the financial regulatory body, the SEC. Highland Capital has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, and affiliates all over the nation and the globe.


Stock Watch 2017


A leading investment advisor of the firm, Gregory Michael was quite optimistic when speaking to Market Watch recently. He noted how the oil prices slump of early 2016 came as blessings to their investors. The dip in oil prices provided them with a remarkable opportunity to buy-in pipeline stocks and shares at favorable rates. In 2017, Gregory expects great tidings for the presently poorly performing health care stocks. Health stocks account for roughly a quarter of the total investment by Highland Capital. The seasoned investor also gave an in-depth analysis of the other investment sectors his company dabbles in.


Charity Work


The hedge firm understands perfectly the need to give back to the surrounding communities. To that effect, they have come up with several initiatives meant at empowering their employees and the communities they operate from. So far, the establishment has donated more than $10 million to various notable charity causes worldwide.


Yanni Hufnagel, making waves in the desert.

Yanni Hufnagel. A name even the most dedicated of college basketball fans would be hard pressed to recognize. Hufnagel has been lauded as one of the top young recruiters in the nation, having brought top tier talent to teams that have been rather dry in recent history or had never had any history at all.


Such was true during Hufnagel’s tenure at Harvard. He helped lead the Crimson to three consecutive Ivy League titles and their first appearance in the NCAA tournament since 1946 at the culmination of the 2012 season. Hufnagel and company again found lightning in a bottle at Harvard in 2013 when they again reached the NCAA tournament and secured the Crimson’s first ever post-season victory.


Following coaching positions at Harvard, Vanderbilt, and California – where Hufnagel recruited such talents as Jalyen Brown and Ivan Rabb – Yanni Hufnagel now looks to take his particular brand of recruiting and coaching to the University of Nevada. The Wolfpack who are currently at the top of the standings in the Mountain West conference with an impressive overall record of 24-6 are making a strong push to win the conference and secure a berth in the NCAA tournament. This is a marked improvement over their performance over last year when they finished fourth in the Mountain West conference and did not secure an NCAA tournament bid.


This is in part due to players like Cameron Oliver, a player recruited by Hufnagel, who has contributed 459 points to the Wolfpack this season. As well as solid off the bench play from freshman Devearl Ramsey and Charlie Tooley.

Desiree Perez makes Tidal a Strong Streaming Contender.

Desiree Perez has a lot of people taking a serious look at Tidal. This is the music streaming service that was purchased by Shawn Carter. He has been a very courageous business man that has decided to get in on the music streaming business during a time where he would compete with Pandora and Spotify. He was also in direct competition with Apple, and this would pose many problems.

These were all companies that have the ability to put major marketing dollars behind the music streaming brands that were being created. Shawn Carter, also known as Jay-Z, had the ability to buy a company such as Tidal, but he did not have the same type of marketing skills. He did not have the ability to totally turn this company around on his own. That is why he connected it with Desiree Perez. She would be the one that would give him the Insight that he needed to make better decisions.  Read more, Click

It is quite evident that Desiree Perez has a hand in the business model. People are going to see that there’s a transition with this company that was not felt before. They are well aware that Desiree Perez has the ability to give Tidal a new look and a new customer base.  Related Articles here.

Follow Perez on her page.

Some people are joining Tidal for the first time. Others may have left this music streaming service and returned when they discovered that Desiree Perez was helping Shawn Carter revamp this app. Others may have returned in order to see what Sprint would be able to do once investments were made into Tidal. All of these factors would play an important part in the change that people were seeing in this music streaming service. It became quite evident that Tidal would be a contender in the streaming business.  Learn more about Dez, visit


Wen Could Improve Your Hair

If you’ve been considering trying a hair care line that nourishes your hair without chemicals or additives, it may be time to give Wen a try. This product line was created by stylist Chaz Dean and is made with essential oils and plant extracts that make the hair healthy and shiny. If you’re still not sure WEN hair is right for you, here’s what Bustle’s Emily McClure had to say about it.

McClure tried the Fig conditioner from the Wen line for seven days. Emily says that even thought it took a lot of conditioner to soften and moisturize her hair, she felt a significant difference in the look and feel of her hair after the first day. A few days later, she styled her hair with a curling iron, but the curls fell a few hours later because the conditioner made her hair oilier and heavier than normal.

Near the end of the experiment, Emily’s friends noticed that her hair looked better than usual and commented on how shiny it was. By this time, McClure had gotten used to her hair feeling a little oilier, but was satisfied overall with the way the conditioner nourished her hair and got rid of frizziness. Wen hair care products are available online on QVC, the Chaz Dean store and at


Alexandre Gama’s Steady Rise to the Top of the Advertising Industry

Advertising and communications entrepreneur, Alexandre Gama, has been leading the industry for years. Gama has been a steady rise to the top ever since he started working for advertising agencies such as DM9, Ogilvy & Mather, Young & Rubicam, and more.

In 1996, Alexandre Gama had risen to the top of the industry to become a major executive for ad agencies. He was a Creative Executive Director and share holder for Almap BBDO. He even served as CEO and CCO before making his transition into entrepreneurship. Aleaxndre Gama founded Neogama in 1999, and the fledging ad agency quickly became one of the most awarded and successful in Brazil. Neogama has also been internationally acclaimed, and Gama has even been elected as “Agency Director of the Year” by the Propaganda Professionals Association (APP). Just recently, Neogama has gone through the earn out period of an agency deal that involved Publicis Groupe. Neogama now operates more independently under Gama’s direction.