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Andy Wirth: Environmental Warrior

In September, the city council of Reno, Nevada voted affirmatively for the Clean Power Plan, an environmental initiative with the aim of reducing dependence on coal power. As a resource, coal is considered dirty power as the combustion of coal releases pollutants into the atmosphere and into the surrounding terrain. Thanks to greater awareness in the environmental fields, new economic and moral opportunities are presenting themselves, allowing both local government and private industries to reap the benefits. There is a natural give and take between the government and businesses in this regard. As the government votes to support clean energy, companies that follow these regulations benefit from doing so. As such, more companies begin to use clean energy solutions, thus putting the pressure on the government to vote for clean energy initiatives. This also allows larger companies that have already gone green to make Reno their home. Companies like Google and Tesla are major players in their respective industries, and both desire to expand into new territories that support their environmental friendly vision.

However, these changes are not simply economical and political, rather they are a knee-jerk reaction to the poor standards that the region faces. The quality of air, water, and other natural resources has deteriorated for decades, leaving a once beautiful landscape tarnished.

This fact resonates within Andy Wirth, the president and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings just outside of Reno in Placer County, California. The survivor of a skydiving accident, Wirth has dedicated his second chance at life to improving the environment to not only improve the experience of his guests, but for everyone in the Lake Tahoe region. In fact, Wirth is so dedicated to his work that just fifty days after his accident and subsequent twenty three surgeries, he returned to work in a full capacity. Wirth maintains that improving environmental conditions will not only improve the quality of life for the people of the Tahoe Lake region but also the floundering economy.

Information was taken from the article that was originally published through the Reno Gazette-Journal with Wirth’s entire op-ed.

Handy Home Cleaning Services

Handy Home Cleaning Services is one of the most successful cleaning businesses around, and it is no accident. I have discovered this company, but I am not the only one. There are quite a few people in different cities around the world that has become acquainted with these services. This company offers stellar services, and that is why I believe that this company is destined for even greater growth.

As a startup company Handy Home Cleaning Services grouped with companies like Uber. This new wave of contracting services has become the great way for consumers to cut out the middleman. It also reduces the amount of money that these services cost. There are a lot of companies that are trying to compete with Handy Home Cleaning Services, but this company is far ahead of the curve. In the initial startup this cleaning company raised $45 million to get started. The revenues came in at more than a million in a short time period, and this company is bound to get even higher revenue streams over time.

It has become pertinent for people like myself to contract out those things that we do not perform well. This is the new generation. I have never been one for cleaning. I have not been good at it so I have decided that I would pay someone else to do it. The same can be said for all the drivers that use Uber. If a person doesn’t desire to drive this is the perfect opportunity to get a ride without getting behind the wheel. I certainly think that there is a need for a company like Handy Home Cleaning Services. It has survived because it has great professionals that clean, but this isn’t only reason. The core of their successful is probably linked to all the other small jobs that these professionals can do.

There are professionals that are part of the Handy company from crunchbase team that can help with light fixtures. There are others that are able to do some plumbing. There are some others that are able to work air conditioning. This wide variety of professionals gives Handy Home Cleaning Services an assortment of services that the company can offer. In most cases people that sign up for cleaning services will also utilize the interior painting or plumbing services. This gives Handy a strong connection with customers.

The cleaning companies that are in place in most cities are designed to take care of a single city. Many of these companies are not franchised. This gives the company less recognition outside of the city that this company operates in. When customer move they lose these customers. With Handy Home Cleaning Services the organization has been able to keep customers even as the customers move to new cities. This is the biggest difference between Handy Home Cleaning Services and the competition. This is a cleaning service company that is aiming for a world audience. This is the great way to build greater revenue.

Beneful Should Be The First Choice Of All Pet Owners

A pet owner needs to know how important it is to give their dog good food, and they need to be concerned about the kind of food that they put into their dog’s stomach. Every dog will eat food that’s given to them as long as it’s something they like. Even though dogs will eat almost anything, this doesn’t mean that the dog is supposed to eat everything they get. Dogs get the best nutrition by eating foods from Beneful that were meant for dogs, but the problem is that there are different kinds of dog foods. Many manufacturers out there are creating different dog foods every day.

It can be puzzling to make a final choice of a dog food, especially if the pet owner has a dog that may be picky when it comes to eating food in the first place. It may sound a bit funny, but dogs can be picky about what they eat, just like humans are. A dog might smell a dog food that’s in front of them, and they may turn their nose up to it, and they may even walk away from the food. If a dog gets food that they don’t like, then it’s possible that there is something wrong with the food.

When buying dog food, a pet owner must always check the expiration date, especially since expired food can make a dog sick. Believe it or not, some grocery stores will keep food on the shelf for so long that they don’t realize it has expired. If expired food is purchased by a dog owner, then they are likely to feed it to their dog, and the pet owner may never check the expiration date. The same way a person may buy something from the grocery store and not check to see if it’s expired is the same way they may buy dog food.

Although dog food should be fresh, giving a dog expired food may not be the reason why the dog prefers not to eat the food that they are given. Maybe the dog wants a different kind of food that they would enjoy more. A good pet owner will want to shop around for different dog foods, but many pet owners already have a number one choice of dog food that they’ll give to their dog. Lots of pet owners are choosing to feed their dog Beneful these days, and Beneful is a good choice because of all the nutrition that it gives a dog.

Dogs want to be as healthy and happy as any human being, but a dog must have good food to be happy and healthy. Beneful is a great dog food, and Beneful is one of the most chosen dog foods of any brand out there today. Beneful didn’t become a top-selling dog food by making food that dogs or their owners didn’t like. Many dogs love the taste of Beneful, and dog owners appreciate the nutritional value and real ingredients that Beneful has.

Sergio Cortes Nails Michael Jackson Impersonation

Impersonating a celebrity is no easy task and to most is considered a form of art due to how difficult it is to achieve. The ability to copy an individual’s walk, talk, and other various skills requires hard work and a great deal of time, especially when it is someone as famous as Michael Jackson. Sergio Cortes, who also goes by the name Sergio Jackson has completely mastered his impersonation of the moonwalking “King of Pop” who changed music around the world. Cortes gained a high level of popularity in his home country of Brazil when his singing performances and dance style was so similar to Michael Jackson’s that people praised his authenticity. He captures the energetic essence of one of the greatest entertainers that has ever existed.

Cortes’s voice matches the pitch perfect tone that Jackson himself practiced repeatedly and his dress and style are a match to what you would expect from the deceased legend. Whether watching Cortes live or in one of his many youtube videos, you can see the immense talent and dedication he has put into recreating the performances that many longed to see when Jackson was alive. As an employee of Destiny Projects, which specializes in managing artistic development, he is deemed one of the best Michael Jackson impersonators to ever exist. Spectators have reported that if you could compare the two side-by-side today, they would look nearly identical and they could easily be confused for the other.

Cortes hit the spotlight in 2012 when he performed on a tribute show in Madrid. Not only has he been able to flawlessly recreate Jackson’s hits and the choreography that went along with each song, but he has also recreated music videos. His success has not been easy though, as Cortes starting impersonating the singer at a very young age. It has taken many years for him to get to where he is at in terms of ability to impersonate accurately. Through continuous molding and altering his looks to match Jackson’s, Sergio Cortes is nearly indistinguishable. Most recently, Cortes has performed on American Idol and various other television shows throughout the world.

Cortes continues to mesmerize people through his performances and videos. Many are hoping for a tour to be arranged in order to impact the world and show individuals that Michael is still “here” in a tributing way. He places his responsibility on keeping the memories of Michael Jackson alive.

John Textor: Leader in Visual Effects

John Textor is a leader in the creation of photo-realistic digital humans. His contribution in the field has led to the creation of this kind of visual effects in a number of feature films. He joined Digital Domain Media Group in 2006. It is through the company that John made his initial contribution to the development of visual effects. During his tenure as the CEO and Chairman of Digital Domain Media Group, which is the parent company of Digital Domain Productions, the company received many awards and accolades.

The company became recognized as the first to ever create a believable digital human actor. This is after shocking the world by creating the actor in the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. So believable was the character that the academy awards gave the movie an Oscar for best make-up. This effect is referred to as the ‘Holy Grail of Animation.’ It also earned the company an Oscar in the visual effects category.

Digital Domain has produced visual effects for more than 80 films. 25 of those were made during John’s tenure. They include Real Steel, Flags of our Fathers, Pirates of the Caribbean at World’s End, Tron:Legacy and Transformers. Other major achievements during John’s tenure include the transformation of the company into a film production company and the joint venture agreement between Digital Domain and Sovereign Media Authority worth $100 million.

John graduated from Wesleyan University with a bachelor’s degree in economics in 1987. In 1997, he co-founded Wyndcrest Holdings, and became the company’s Managing Partner. Based in Florida, the company focused on internet, telecommunication and entertainment. John became director of BabyUniverse in 1999. In 2002, he became the chairman and later the CEO in 2005. He has also been involved in other company’s including Lydian Trust Company, Sims Snowboards and Lydian Trust Company.

Currently, John Texter is the Executive Chairman of Pulse Evolution Corporation. The company is a leader in the development of digital humans for virtual reality, artificial intelligence, augmented reality and holographic live performances. Some of the company’s projects include the digital resurrection of Tupac Shakur during the Coachella Valley Music festival in 2012 and the digital resurrection of Michael Jackson in 2014. The latter garnered over 35 million views on YouTube. As a film producer, John has been involved in the film Ender’s Game and Art Story.

It Would Be a Crime to Live Without Lime Crime

If seductive and dramatic is how you like your makeup applique then Lime Crime on is for you. The once little known company has proliferated to become one of the most desired and sought after makeup lines in the industry. The line is complete with extraordinary colors of lipsticks, eye shadows and nail polishes.

What can Lime Crime do for you? How about giving you a soft, pouty look with Airborne Unicorn? An intense but bodacious pink lipstick. Add a layer of No She Didn’t to both the upper and bottom centers of your lips. You now have a dramatic and yet a tantalizing contrast of blue juxtaposed with the luscious pink. Talk about adding a little drama to your life. You’ll find the right color for you whether it’s one of the Unicorn Lipsticks with 20 different color options, the Velvetines’ liquid to matte with 16 choices of colors or the Carousel Gloss collection with five gloriously, glittery shades.

It doesn’t stop there. You will be filled with excitement when you see all the possibilities the eye collection has to offer. Illustrious eyeliners like Citreuse, Blue Milk and Lunar Sea will allow you to line your eyes with some of the most divergent and intense colors available. The Zodiac Glitter will blow your mind when you see the tremendous amount of glitter included in these colors. The versatility of the glitter is amazing. You can line your eyes with the deep blue glitter called Aquarius. Glit your lip with the deep pink glitter called Sagitarius and add a punch of glitter to your nails with Ophiuchus.

Your beauty regimen wouldn’t be complete without something for your nails. With five different colors to choose from you can create some knockout nail designs. Maybe some Pastelchio with Parfait Day dots to create a fun, beachy look is just what you need. Or stripe it out with several colors like Peaches and Cream, Crema De Limon and Once In a Blue Moose. Regardless, the options are many and the potential to create the best look in you is waiting for you at Visit the Lime Crime website to see some great designs for your eyes, lips and nails.

The best things about it all? All Lime Crime products are cruelty and vegan free. Not only are you taking care of you but you are also protecting the animals in our world by using a PETA verified vegan product.

Brian Mulligan Goes From High School Musicals To Opera Star

The path to opera star is not one that is well known by members of the public, but the inspiring story of baritone Brian Mulligan may just inspire some more U.S. based children to strike out into the world of opera. Mulligan is now one of the top voices in the opera world from his base in San Francisco and has recently been achieving critical acclaim for his performance as former U.S. President Richard Nixon in the modern opera Nixon In China. Unlike many who take to the opera stage, Mulligan had little knowledge of the art form until he was introduced to it as a teenager by a high school teacher and vocal coach.

Mulligan’s performance in Nixon In China has taken him many years to perfect and shows off the acting skills that are becoming increasingly as important as the singing talent of those involved in opera. The Irish ancestry Mulligan has grown up steeped in was important in his youth living in New York State, but had little impact on his musical career, apart from offering him the chance to learn to play the fiddle. It was not until Brian Mulligan auditioned for a high school musical that his singing career began to be taken seriously after his music teacher persuaded him to pursue vocal training to improve his baritone voice.

Aided by his high school music teacher, Mulligan embarked upon vocal training with New York based teacher Todd Geer who guided the singer away from musicals and towards the opera. Despite the success the singer has achieved in recent times as an opera star he has also kept on eye on the world of musicals and harbors ambitions to become a Broadway star in the more operatic musical productions. Amongst the performances Brian Mulligan would like to give are roles in the Sweeney Todd musical and Carousel, but for now his critically acclaimed performance as President Nixon will be the one he remains best known for.

Brian Mulligan: Strong Talent, Strong Roles

Operatic baritone Brian Mulligan’s talent was noticed by the opera world early. While still studying at Julliard, he debuted at the Metropolitan Opera in Die Frau Ohne Schatten (The Lady without a Shadow). That was in 2003, and since then he’s gone on to a number of notable roles.

One of his most applauded roles was that of Nixon in John Adams’ Nixon in China, performed in San Francisco in 2012. San Francisco Classical Voice ( described the opera as “strongly cast and beautifully played” and said that Mulligan sang with “lyric beauty.” It was also noted he “looked and moved spookily like the late President.” Mulligan has often appeared in San Francisco, and has played Marcello in La Boheme and Valentin in Faust there.

In September of 2015, also in San Francisco, Mulligan starred in Stephen Sondheim’s Sweeney Todd, as the murderous barber who returns to London from prison to seek revenge for wrongful conviction. KQED Arts ( says that Mulligan “explores the full emotional despair and madness of the title role dramatically.” “His voice has a wonderful richness,” reviewer Charlise Tiee writes, “that inspires sympathy but can also crackle with anger and craziness.” It’s an absorbing role for Mulligan, with lyrics such as these describing London: “There’s a hole in the world like a great black pit / and the vermin of the world inhabit it.”

Mulligan has performed throughout the United States at the New York City Opera, Lyric Opera of Chicago, Houston Grand Opera, and Los Angeles Opera, among many others; and also sung internationally at Oper Frankfurt, Opernhaus Zurich, and with the English National Opera and the Canadian Opera Company.

In a 2012 interview on, Mulligan said he got his start in opera by appearing in high school musicals, where a teacher recognized he was really gifted. “My high school teacher Gloria Richardson encouraged me to get some serious vocal training,” he said. “Becoming a real opera singer seemed like an impossible challenge, and I’m a terrible sucker for a challenge.”

Mulligan was born in Endicott, New York, and studied at both Yale and Julliard. His voice teacher at Julliard was W. Stephen Smith, who he still works with. Mulligan holds dual Irish and American citizenship, and has been named one of Irish American Magazine’s top Irish Americans.

Slyce: Google Image Search For Shopping

Slyce is a startup what was founded in 2012 and specializes in providing visual search and recognition services. Slyce, which is based in Toronto, was officially launched in2013 and is a standalone app that allows users to search for items that they see anywhere and then buy them.

The company has also partnered up with retailers to integrate the app’s functionality into their apps/websites and allow shoppers to search and get items from the respective stores. Slyce has partnered with a number of high profile retailers that are ranked in the top 10 list including Neiman Marcus.

At the time of its release, Slyce was compared to Amazon Flow, an app that Amazon launched that was able to detect products from pictures and search for them to see if they were in the company’s inventory. But Amazon Flow had one catch, the product had to be in some form of packaging so that it could be identified; Slyce, on the other hand, is not limited to this and allows users to take pictures of items they see and search for it. Flow has since been integrated into Amazon’s main app, and when Amazon released its Fire phone, it came with Firefly a feature that allows users to scan and search for things in real life.

Slyce has rolled out number of innovative features including Snap-To-Buy, which is added to retailers’ websites and the Visual Relevancy Engine which is used to compare different products. The company has also said that its technology can identify and analyze products from pictures on social media sites.

The founders said that they came up with the idea after they saw firsthand how people shopped during the holiday season of2011. Nearly 40% of the shopping that takes place during the season is done through mobile; to them this signaled the shift that was inevitably going to happen, mobile would influence everything. . Erika Racicot and Cameron Chell initially had a business consultancy called the Business Instincts Groups, and Slyce was founded from it.

Cameron Chell has had previous experience as a startup founder and started a number of companies including FutureLink, one of the pioneers of cloud computing and UrtheCast, which is working on streaming live video feed from the International Space Shuttle.

Slyce raised $6million in 2013 and raised $10mfor its Series A early last year. Slyce has acquired a number of companies which has allowed it to bolster its products. In 2013, they acquired which was in the visual tech space. Last year, Slyce acquired Israeli startup, Buycode which had developed the Pounce app for $5 m in cash and incentives.

Slyce has expanded and houses offices in a number of locations including Minnesota, Nova Scotia and Calgary.

Yeonmi Park: Inspiring Human Rights Activists across the World

Human rights activists are people who choose to support and promote the recognized human freedoms and rights. They do this by themselves or with the help of other people or organizations. Their core responsibility lies in highlighting vices that disturb or harm the day to day lives of people. This ranges from corruption, wrongful detentions to extra judicial murders. It can also include gagging the media which is the most important channel of expression in any country. Much of these acts are committed by the authorities or prominent people. The activists aim at bringing equality within society and promoting good governance.
Many of the human rights activities have suffered and others died due to their stand on issues. Others have been imprisoned without trial for many years, especially those living in countries led by dictatorial regimes. However, this has not killed the spirit of activism. Many still offer their opinions and stand on issues at heart to the ordinary people. With the declaration of the human rights defenders of 1998 by the United Nations, many activists have been accorded protection. Although a number of countries do not comply with it.
The geographical location of where the activists are does not matter when it comes to making their voices heard. There are those who champion the course of the local area people and those that do it at the national and international level. A good number gain recognition beyond their borders without knowing it. This is because a lot of countries face similar challenges and the activists inspire each other. That’s how their work spreads across continents and countries. One such activist who has done that is Yeonmi Park.
Yeonmi Park on  is a 21 year old human rights activist and North Korean Defector. She has become the face of the oppressed quickly and an inspiration to many. She loves freedom and for this reason she has been admired by many. In 2014 she was featured as a speaker at the Oslo Freedom Forum. She was also featured at The Young World Summit in Dublin. At Dublin, Yeonmi delivered a passionate speech about the cruel nature of the North Korean regime becoming an international phenomenon. She has always felt like she had been forgotten. That is why she is determined to make the world not to forget the North Korean People who are going through difficult times and dying every day.
Yeonmi Park was born in North Korea region of Heysen in 1993 to parents who were civil servants. Her father was imprisoned and sentenced to 17 years of hard labor where he became so ill as a result. Yeonmi, her sister and mother escaped North Korea with the help of Chinese Smugglers. The father was left behind due to poor health. The journey was tough having to swim through a cold river during winter. Presently, Yeonmi lives in South Korea but travels around the world to give talks. She is also an author.