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Yeonmi Park: Inspiring Human Rights Activists across the World

Human rights activists are people who choose to support and promote the recognized human freedoms and rights. They do this by themselves or with the help of other people or organizations. Their core responsibility lies in highlighting vices that disturb or harm the day to day lives of people. This ranges from corruption, wrongful detentions to extra judicial murders. It can also include gagging the media which is the most important channel of expression in any country. Much of these acts are committed by the authorities or prominent people. The activists aim at bringing equality within society and promoting good governance.
Many of the human rights activities have suffered and others died due to their stand on issues. Others have been imprisoned without trial for many years, especially those living in countries led by dictatorial regimes. However, this has not killed the spirit of activism. Many still offer their opinions and stand on issues at heart to the ordinary people. With the declaration of the human rights defenders of 1998 by the United Nations, many activists have been accorded protection. Although a number of countries do not comply with it.
The geographical location of where the activists are does not matter when it comes to making their voices heard. There are those who champion the course of the local area people and those that do it at the national and international level. A good number gain recognition beyond their borders without knowing it. This is because a lot of countries face similar challenges and the activists inspire each other. That’s how their work spreads across continents and countries. One such activist who has done that is Yeonmi Park.
Yeonmi Park on  is a 21 year old human rights activist and North Korean Defector. She has become the face of the oppressed quickly and an inspiration to many. She loves freedom and for this reason she has been admired by many. In 2014 she was featured as a speaker at the Oslo Freedom Forum. She was also featured at The Young World Summit in Dublin. At Dublin, Yeonmi delivered a passionate speech about the cruel nature of the North Korean regime becoming an international phenomenon. She has always felt like she had been forgotten. That is why she is determined to make the world not to forget the North Korean People who are going through difficult times and dying every day.
Yeonmi Park was born in North Korea region of Heysen in 1993 to parents who were civil servants. Her father was imprisoned and sentenced to 17 years of hard labor where he became so ill as a result. Yeonmi, her sister and mother escaped North Korea with the help of Chinese Smugglers. The father was left behind due to poor health. The journey was tough having to swim through a cold river during winter. Presently, Yeonmi lives in South Korea but travels around the world to give talks. She is also an author.

Steve Murray and His History WITH CCMP Capital

Steve Murray was an equity investor in the private sector and philanthropist in business. He was President and CEO of CCMP Capital which is a private equity fund company that works on transactions dealing with the leverage equity buyout and growth of capital transactions. Mr. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital on nytimes went to school at Boston College where he graduated in 1984 with his degree in Economics. He then went on 1989 to get his Master’s degree from Columbia’s Business School in Business Administration. He recently died on March 12, 2015 at the age of 52. Mr. Murray sat on the Board of Directors for several of the big companies in the United States.

Murray was one of the co-founders of CCMP Capital which was a spinoff company of JP Morgan Chase. He and his associates were previously with the growth equity team and buyout from JP Morgan Chase and its private equity group in the mid-2006. In 2007, he became the CEO of the company-CCMP. In 2008, Greg Brenneman was appointed as Chairman of Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. He sat on the Board of Trustees as the Vice Chairman of Boston College where he went to college and he was also an avid supporter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation in the Metropolitan area of New York. Foundation and was a member of the Chairman’s Council there as well. He was also a large supporter of Boston College as well as the Lower Fairfield County Food Bank. He supported the Columbia Business School where he attended college and the Stamford Museum.

CCMP Capital’s corporate offices are located in New York City; they also have offices located in Tokyo, London, and Hong Kong. The company has more than fifty employees working in those four locations and their company handles over twelve billion dollars in total assets invested. CCMP has had several names in the past twenty years. They started out as Chemical Venture Partners originally in 1984, with the purpose of being a private equity company and venture capital division of Chemical Bank. After Chemical Venture Partners bought Chase Manhattan Bank in 1996, CVP took over the Chase name and became Chase Capital Partners. Then the same thing happened in 2000 when they bought J.P. Morgan & Co. and they formed JPMorgan Chase, they then changed their name to JP Morgan Partners. Over the years it grew from the private equity organization joining of Chase Manhattan, Hambrecht & Quist, Manufacturers Hanover, Robert Fleming & Co., J.P. Morgan & Co. and The Beacon Group.

In 2004, JPMorgan Chase bought Bank One which owned its own private equity investment group called One Equity Partners. One Equity was chosen as the main private equity division for JPMorgan Chase and then JP Morgan Partners left JPMorgan Chase in early 2005 and became final in mid-2006.The new company took on the acronym CCMP acronym representing the companies before them in (Chemical and Chase and JP Morgan Partners). In the early part of 2006, JPMorgan Chase finalized the sale of their interest in the JP Morgan Partners Global Fund totally $925 million to a group of investors. In early 2014, CCMP sold the company Medpace that they owned to Cinven for almost $900 million.

I Love The Fact That FreedomPop’s Mobile Wireless Service Gives Me Wi-Fi For Only $5 Monthly

I started a business that has become very profitable, and I decided that I wanted to do something fun. I thought it might be nice to travel around the country and hire people in person, but I knew that I would need a constant Internet service to do this. I wasn’t certain how I was going to get the Internet services that I needed, but I figured I could connect to different Wi-Fi services I found around the country. Before I was going to go anywhere, I let my assistant do some research for me, and that’s when I realized that it wasn’t a good idea to use just any Wi-Fi service. I wanted to save money on the Wi-Fi service, so a hotspot was not an option.

The reason I was traveling around the country was because I would be able to show the person who I signed up to work exactly how perform the sales pitch, and then I could even help them make some sales in the same area that I’d be staying. I plan on going from city to city and staying for up to a month at a time, I was really looking forward to the big adventure. My only problem was worrying about the Internet service that I would need, but my assistant came up with a good plan. After my assistant had done some research, she showed me FreedomPop services.

FreedomPop introduced a Wi-Fi service that is based on an application. The application is something that must be downloaded to a cell phone or tablet, and then I would be able to access Wi-Fi service at many locations. I was skeptical at first because I wasn’t sure how many Wi-Fi hotspots FreedomPop had around the country. After learning that there are over 10 million Wi-Fi hotspots available, I had no problem telling my assistant to sign up for the plan. I told her to sign up for it whatever it cost and to bring me the bill.

I was shocked when my assistant brought me a bill for five dollars for the Wi-Fi service, and I even started laughing. I asked her what it was actually going to cost, and she told me it was only five dollars for the month. She told me I would have unlimited Wi-Fi service, and I can connect to any hotspot that I could find around the country. I couldn’t believe that any company would only charge five dollars for unlimited Wi-Fi service, and I was more than grateful that I’d be able to save money. I’m looking forward to my business trip, and FreedomPop’s Wi-Fi application has helped me to save a lot of money on Wi-Fi service.

The Growth of CCMP Capital


Stephen Murray CCMP Capital on crunchbase is one of the largest investment firms in the United States. They have experienced a rapid rate of growth over the past couple of years in a time when many other companies in the industry have not been growing. CCMP Capital built its business upon helping customers with their investments and personal finances. There are many things that other financial planning companies can learn from the growth of CCMP Capital. Not only do they truly care about their customers, but they also conduct business in a way that helps everyone that they interact with. Here are some of the things that set CCMP Capital apart from other companies that are in this industry.

Rate of Return

Perhaps the biggest metric that customers want out of an investment firm is a higher rate of return on their invested capital. The rate of return that a person earns on their investments can have a huge effect on their net worth at retirement. Investment firms should at least be able to perform as well as the market over the long term. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has consistently beat the average of the market, and this is one of the biggest reasons that CCMP Capital continues to grow every year in total customers and revenue. Anyone that is paying professionals to manage their money should expect to earn a high rate of return on their investments for the fees that they charge.

Customer Support

In today’s world of high technology and fast trading, it can be easy to forget that each customer is an individual with goals and dreams. CCMP Capital has always done a great job of treating each customer like a person and providing an appropriate level of customer support for their clients. This is yet another reason that CCMP Capital is so highly rated from its customers compared to the competition. Any financial planning firm should spend more time and money on supporting their customers when they have any needs.

Stephen Murray

Stephen Murray was the founder and CEO of CCMP Capital for many years. He was able to build up the business through hard work and always going the extra mile for customers. There are many things that he put in to place at CCMP Capital that are in still in place today. Although the technology has changed greatly over the past couple of years, CCMP Capital still takes the time to reach out to all of their customers and treat them like people with goals and dreams. Although Stephen Murray passed away, he left a legacy of caring for others by providing them great investing advice over the long term.

Information About Dan Newlin

There are a few things people should know about Dan Newlin. Some of those things will be discussed in the rest of this article.

Who Is Dan Newlin
Newlin is an attorney and he runs the Law Offices of Dan Newlin. The lawyer, as well as his team, are high experienced and they have received the distinction of Super Lawyer Law Firm, which no more than 5% of attorneys or law firms in Florida get. This means that Newlin is one of the few attorneys who have received this recognition.

A Little Background About Newlin
The attorney actually started working in law enforcement before he became an attorney. As for where he worked, he was employed for the new Chicago, Indiana Police and Fire Department. Eventually his path in law law enforcement led him a job with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. He actually spent more than eight years there.

His Law Career
Newlin eventually went to law school, after he was accepted in 1997. As for where he attended, he went to the Florida State College of Law, and he went onto graduate from there in 2000. Asides from that, the attorney has a license to practice law in both Chicago and Illinois. Here, Dan Newlin was written about by PRNewsWire.

The injury attorney has enjoyed a highly successful career and it is worth mentioning that more than 150 million dollars has been recovered for Newlin’s victim, and this proves that he has what it takes to represent his clients and those who seek his help. He serves all of Florida and Illinois.

As people can see from the above information, Dan Newlin is a very experienced attorney and if someone has been injured in an accident, then he should be the first attorney to call. He knows what he is doing and he provides clients with the representation they need.

Adam Sender to Selling 400 Pieces of Art through Sotheby’s Clearing $70 Million

Adam Sender has always been a genius when it comes to hedge funds, having amazed a very nice chunk of change when his funds hit their peak. One reason he stands apart from the rest in that industry was that he began taking profits off the table at the top. Most were reinvesting back into the market, but Sender saw an opportunity to explode profits by buying art pieces at rock bottom prices. Now his collection is set to launch at Sotheby’s and net him over $70 million dollars.

Sender set himself apart form the field by amassing an art collection that would be sort of a safety net in the even that his hedge fund went south. He continued to pull profits and invest, growing his collection to over 400 pieces in less than a decade. His Contemporary art collection contains 400 pieces from a variety of 139 different artists. Sender tested the waters back in 2006, selling only 40 pieces of his art collection, but he was surprised to see his investment sell for over $40 million.

Now that Sender has closed his hedge fund, he is focused on selling his large collection pieces by piece at auction. He is liquidating his art position and looking to bank over $70 when the entire collection finally is completely sold in a year. Adam Sender (Instagram)
is in a great position to make a small fortune because the money he netted in the first sale in 2006 will easily cover the cost to list and sell his remaining pieces at auction. Sotheby’s will be moving the pieces one at a time and expect the entire collection to clear Sender $70 million.

The pieces in his collection were purchased for a few hundred thousand dollars a piece because he steered clear of the top artists like Warhol, and focused on getting the absolute best pieces from lesser known artists. Those pieces are now worth 2 or 3 million each, the perfect time to start moving them while the market is at the peak. This seems to be a pattern with Sender, getting in at the bottom and jumping out when the market is enjoying huge profits.

Sender saw back a decade ago that by getting affordable pieces and holding them, he could eventually move them at higher prices. No one is sure if he had the foresight to see the collection was going to sell for this much however. Simply look at some of the artists in the collection like Richard Prince, who Sender found and bought pieces for only $100,000, now selling for millions a piece. It just goes to show that you don’t have to be a world renowned art collector to hit it big in the art world.

The Powerhouses of Economics: a Spotlight on Christian Broda and Eswar Prasad

With the recent headlines regarding the Greek financial crisis, it’s not uncommon to experience a resurgence of economic fear in the United States. Since the economic crisis of 2008 – commonly referred to as the ‘Great Recession’- any headline that even mentions the U.S. economy can bring about a moment of panic. But fear not, two notable economists offer reassurance.

The current debate among economists revolves around the future of the United States dollar. While some economists paint a drab future for the currency, two powerhouses of the economic community, Dr. Christian Broda of wikipedia and Dr. Eswar Prasad, make it clear that the dollar isn’t going anywhere.

In Prasad’s book, “The Dollar Trap”, the Cornell University professor doesn’t claim that the U.S. dollar is indestructible, but he does press that it’s solid in its place atop the world currency. Prasad, who received his doctorate’s degree from the University of Chicago, has served as head of the research department at the International Monetary Fund. Although he does face some opposition, Prasad is not alone in his monetary declaration.

Broda, who shares Prasad’s sentiments regarding the U.S.’s currency, is a bit of a rock-star in the economic community. Broda bridges the gap between Wall Street and academia, choosing to spend many years working as both a hedge fund manager and an economics professor. From publishing his research in academic journals like the American Economic Review to writing editorials for the Wall Street Journal, Broda is well schooled in the topic of economics. Going beyond scholarship, he takes his developed concepts and puts them to practice as the Managing Director of Duquesne Capital Management.

His expertise doesn’t end there. Broda is also a former professor of economics at the University of Chicago, and a graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, receiving both his master’s degree and his doctorate’s degree from the institution. He’s well known in the world of economic professionals, as well as academia, for his many scholarly publications, including the article “Prices, Poverty and Inequality”, which was a joint effort with David Weinstein.

Based on credentials alone, Prasad and Broda’s reassurances should be enough to put the minds of any worried Americans to rest.

Stephen Murray: Investor and Philanthropist

When it comes to finance and business matters, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital CEO on was someone that everyone could look to. He invested in private equity. He also participated in philanthropist activities. He has always looked for ways that he could help people and improve the lives of others. Outside of being a president and CEO of CCMP Capital, he has made sure that other people could benefit from the success of his company and his career. In his company, he worked with clients for buying out and transactions dealing with growth equity. He has accomplished a lot in his lifetime.

Among the highlights in his career is when he joined the Manufacturers Hanover Corporation in 1984. He has worked there for 5 years until he began to work with MH Equity Corporation. This was a result of the combination of the MH private equity group and the finance unit which was leveraged. In 1991, Chemical Bank has purchased Manufacturers Hanovers. Afterwards, MH Equity and Chemical Venture Partners have merged together. In 1996, Chase Manhattan Corporation and Chemical Bank have merged together. Murray was the head of the business of buyouts when he worked at JP Morgan Partners. He then co-founded CCMP Capital from JP Morgan Chase. Among other activities included serving on the board of many different companies like AMC Entertainment, Pinnacle Foods, The Vitamin Shoppe, and many more companies.

Stephen Murray has kept very busy as a worker and a philanthropist. He has offered his support for the Make-A-Wish Foundation in New York. He has also made other efforts towards colleges and food banks. He has shown himself to be a very responsible and productive individual. In his lifetime, he has been an inspiration to people he has known. Many that knew him will follow in his footsteps to become helpful people.

The Success of Crystal Hunt

Crystal Hunt proved herself to be an excellent actress at an early age by performing in pageants as a child. On her way to fame, she appeared with NSYNC in an advertisement, and later took on the role of a struggling teenage character named Lizzie Spaulding on the daytime soap opera, Guiding Light. Due to her impressive natural talent for acting, she ended up working on the show from 2003 to 2006 and eventually received an Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series.

During her time on television, Hunt appeared in her first full-length movie with Zac Efron, the 2005 family film The Derby Stallion. After leaving Guiding Light, Hunt also acted alongside actress Amanda Bynes in the 2007 comedy film Sydney White.

Following her previous success in film and television, Hunt joined the cast of the ABC soap opera, One Life to Live, as a manipulative stripper named Stacy Morasco. She spent approximately a year on the show before moving on, although she made a few appearances in later episodes.

Since then, Hunt has appeared in several movies, including NYC Underground and 23 Blast. Early in 2015, she also joined former soap stars Vanessa Marcil, Lindsay Hartley, Chrystee Pharris, Donna Mills, and Hunter Tylo for the reality television series Queens of Drama, in which these stars work on and behind the scenes to create a brand new primetime drama for television.

Hunt’s most recent appearance took place in the motion picture Magic Mike XXL, which first aired in theaters on July 1, 2015. As she has done in each of her roles, Hunt brought her brilliant acting skills to the set of the sequel, Magic Mike XXL, and captured the attention of her audience. If she continues to bring her characters to life with her talents, the future looks bright for her acting career.

The Achievements of Jaime Garcia Dias

Jaime Garcia Dias was elected this year president of the Mining Association of Neurosurgery. With over thirty years of experience in the area, the doctor, neurosurgeon and professor of medicine commemorates the long professional journey. Jaime’s experience in medicine began early, since his family founded the research lab and Neuroscience specialization. Since 16 years, Jaime attends the environment, initially making small services such as deliveries and collections. At 18 he joined the Faculty of Medicine in Belo Horizonte, and has since worked on site. Were fifteen years of dedication to study, research and teaching in school. After graduation Jaime Garcia Dias, now manages the family laboratory, besides working as a neurosurgeon at Pena Hospital.

With the master’s thesis, Jaime Garcia Dias, whose YouTube channel is linked, published his first book, which deals with the neurological science as a source of knowledge. The book, with the surprising subject for medicine, received the new concept of awarding the Brazilian Medical Association. Since then, Jaime has dedicated his research to the subject: the proximity of neuroscience knowledge, and how to learn and apply the theme in practice medicine. With the deepening of the studies, the doctor then suggested something revolutionary to the medical school, a new class in which the issue would be your search. Jaime Garcia Dias, whose Pinterest is linked, received the endorsement of the college and in 1997 became professor at the school, dedicated to the Neuroscience and Knowledge classes. After five years as a teacher, other school areas began to introduce the matter in their courses, and Jaime won the Teacher of Honor Award from the School of Medicine.

In addition to all this dedication to knowledge and research, Jaime has a collection of articles published, not only in books and medical journals, but also in the Jornal da Manhã, which has a dedicated notebook only to health. With these publications in the newspaper, the doctor came to be recognized as the father of neurology.

The family lab, after seven years managed by Jaime Garcia Dias received a proposal to export research and knowledge to Chile. The agreement was aimed at an exchange of professionals and research materials between the two countries. With this proposal, Jaime Garcia Dias became lectures and conferences not only in Chile but also in Bolivia, Uruguay and Argentina. The agreement signed with Chile was such a success that the family Lab received an honorable statement of the government of Minas Gerais, and became part of a select number of companies that operate as government partners.

Jaime Garcia Dias, after years devoted to medicine as well as being director of a laboratory, professor at the medical school and neurosurgeon, is now also the president of AMN – Mining Association of Neurosurgery, giving it the job of managing the work neurosurgery state of Minas Gerais and propose new forms of knowledge, not only for research labs and universities, but also for hospitals and clinics that focus on this issue.