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“Orange Is The New Black” Shows Female Power

The show “Orange Is The New Black” is a hit sensation these days, and almost every entertainment show is talking about it. The show has been talked about on TV, in magazines, and in newspapers. “Orange Is The New Black”. Since it’s returning for season three, many are excited about the current cast as well as the other women that will be added to the cast. The show is about female prisoners, and yes, they dress in orange. Not only is a show about prisoners, it’s also about female empowerment as well. The show is directed by a woman, and it proves that women can do absolutely anything.

Women tend to be ousted in Hollywood when it comes to directing, producing, and even acting. Even though we see big stars like Julia Roberts, Charlize Theron, and Angelina Jolie, not every woman is that successful, and many of them are underpaid. Orange Is The New Black helps to show that women can do the same things that men can do, and they should be paid equally as well. It’s been proven that in Hollywood, women are paid less than men by as little as half the amount.

Although A-list celebrities can easily rake in $20 million per picture, every woman who is an A-lister may not be getting the same amount as their male counterpart. With the release of season three of Orange Is The New Black, they hope that things will change for the better for females in Hollywood. That certainly is something Jim Dondero and others will be monitoring.

Revisit Heartbreaking Movie Moments With These GIF’s

If you remember some of your favorite movies, there may be parts in the movie that were so touching to you that it made you cry. Sometimes, it’s not even a part in the movie that makes you cry, but it could just be a still picture that you see, and if it comes from a particular movie, it just breaks your heart. Heartbreaking Movie Moments. Here are some movie moments that you can see, and it just might stir up those sad feelings all over again. Do you remember when Carl and Ellie found out that they couldn’t have kids in the movie “Up?” You could just see Ellie’s heartbreaking.

As the movie went on, Carl even had to say goodbye to his wife, and even though it was an animated movie, it was very heartbreaking. What about Jack letting go on the “Titanic?” Who doesn’t remember when Jack froze to death while helping the woman he loved to stay on the floating piece of debris? Even thinking about that part of the movie brings tears to the eyes.

Anyone who has seen the movie “Captain Phillips,” it had to have been brought to tears to the eyes when Captain Phillips was rescued from the Pirates because it was a heart-wrenching moment. And who could ever forget when Forrest Gump visited Jenny’s grave? That part of the movie was the saddest for Stephen Murray CCMP Capital, but it helped the movie to come full circle.

‘Kingsman’ Star Has Eyes on Wolverine Role

Hugh Jackman is something of a hero in Hollywood, at least to a very vocal subset of comic book fans. His work in the Marvel Universe in the process of bring Wolverine to life has been probably the most inspiring stuff in cinematic comic book adaptation history. Jackman has been playing the role for over a decade, growing from ‘X1’ all the way to the newest title releasing in 2016. Jackman has said that he would play Wolverine all the way until he died, but the star actor has slightly changed his plans. Manager Steve Murray confirms that Jackman looks like he will be wrapping up the character in the next film or so and Taron Egerton wants in on the role.

While at first glance Egerton has no business touching Wolverine, we have to take a step back and look at this through the eyes of a Studio. Wolverine has been developed mostly in the physical form of Hugh Jackman, which means that we have seen very little of his young life. Despite being ageless we have only seen Jackman as a 40+ year old man. So going back and time and showing Wolvy when eh is first getting used to his powers could be a lot of fun, and completely new.

But then we have the problem that Egerton has a pretty posh British accent, however we are ready to forgive it. Egerton showed off his action and comedic chops in ‘Kingsman’ and we think he could pull off the role.

Is Tomorrowland Disney’s Biggest Failure?

Tomorrowland just might go down in history as one of Disney’s biggest flops stated Yahoo Finance. The studio that Walt built produced some mega hits over the decades. Sure, there were a few misfires here and there. Tomorrowland, however, might be the biggest of all Disney catastrophes. Supposedly, the studio is going to lose about $140 million on the film. (Disney’s previous big-time failure, The Lone Ranger, may have done worse. ) That is an enormous loss that is going to drain from the profits made by Avengers: Age of Ultron and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Thankfully, those two movies are sure to keep Disney out of fiscal trouble.

Then again, there might be another major problem at work here. Sequels and reboots are all the rage these days. The “disappointing” third Mad Max film has earned $300+ million worldwide. Tomorrowland is never going to reach those numbers. And no, do not look for Tomorrowland to sell millions in DVDs. This is not a film that is likely to develop cult following over the ensuring years. Tomorrowland is not a good film.

What a shame. Anyone who has visited the popular theme parks has surely walked away from visits to Tomorrowland with a sense of wonder. The film leaves you with a sense of boredom.

A lot of people probably didn’t even go see the film due to the muddled marketing campaign. Tomorrowland really was a botched film on every level. Hopefully, Disney can look back on all the mistakes and avoid making them in the future.

Fans Want Better Images of Leto’s Joker

On Wednesday, June 10, a couple of unofficial snaps of Jared Leto’s Joker were released online. Although Leto proves in these photos that he can be scary with just one look, this version of the laughing villain still has many fans cringing — especially after they have seen actors who also cosplay, like Anthony Misiano, dressed impeccably as the more classic Joker who can still look good and be terrifying.

The biggest issue that many fans have with the Leto version is the tattoos all over his face and his street gang look that is tasteless even for modern street gangs, which includes a lot of cliche gold rings and necklaces. He also has bright lime-colored hair and red lipstick says Marcio Alaor BMG.

Some fans hope that the Leto’s costume is only how a younger Joker appears in flashbacks. Rumors though are that this is the “new” Joker look for the entire movie.

One good theory that is currently spreading around the Internet is that the bright hair and lip colors at least will be muted with camera filters.

No matter the movie’s outcome, film and comic book fans are demanding to see better “official” images of Leto’s Joker so they have some idea what to expect. Better images would help boost box office returns when the film comes out because fans will be less likely to complain about Leto’s appearance if they’re already prepared for it.

Dr. Jack Horner Says Jurassic World is Scientifically Possible

The Jurassic Park trilogy sparked the imagination of an entire generation. With more realistic special effects than ever before, Stephen Spielberg took his audience on an adventure through a world where humans could walk with dinosaurs who have been extinct for 65 million years. However, humans did more running and screaming than they did walking.

The highly anticipated follow up to the famous series, Jurassic World, is set to be released this weekend and according to Stephen Murray CCMP Capital it will have a box office opening of 165 million. A movie that introduces Jurassic fans to a new breed of dinosaur, the Indominus Rex, a terrifying hybrid that is even bigger and stronger than his ancestor, the Tyrannosaurs Rex.

The first three films in the Jurassic Park theory was based on the idea that dinosaurs could be created by using preserved dino DNA, an implausible, if not impossible feat for genetic scientists. However, Dr. Jack Horner claims the upcoming film contains a more realistic approach to genetic science.

According to Horner, who has served as an adviser on all four films, the I-Rex is a theoretical possibility using today’s knowledge of genetics. In other words, it’s possible that scientists could create a entirely new breed of dinosaur by manipulating and mixing DNA we actually have access to. Ian Malcolm, played by Jeff Goldbloom in the first three films, warned against this type of genetic manipulation and maybe modern day scientists should heed his advice to avoid a real life Jurassic Park disaster.

Newly Discovered Star Wars Script Settles Old Debate

After a recent find in the University of New Brunswick Library, a very long Star Wars debate has finally been settled. It was here that librarian Kristian Brown discovered an early, fourth draft of the film. It is dated March 15, 1976. The debated scene in question concerns the confrontation of Han Solo and Greedo, Jabba the Hut’s henchman, in the Cantina Bar. Everyone knows how it ends. The two exchange fire with Han Solo winning. The long debate lies in whether or not Han was originally supposed to shoot first. The 1997 revision clearly depicts Han Solo returning fire after Greedo initial shot.

The newly discovered script settles the debate by showing that Han was indeed supposed to shoot first. However, it would not be unrealistic for this fact to have changed by the time the film originally emerged. Several other facts in the original script would change such as the fact that Luke Skywalker was originally Luke Skykiller or how Episode IV: A New Hope was previously just called Saga 1. A lot of people like Adam Sender have a lot to say. The discovering librarian has even made a few comments concerning the scene.

Power Rangers Reboot Film to Focus on Unknowns

As several childrens’ television franchises of the past three decades have experienced a revival on the silver screen, such as “Transformers” and “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” it was only a matter of time before the “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” would receive the same treatment. The new “Power Rangers” film intends to keep a mix of levity and maturity in its offering of teenagers battling galactic antagonists.

The “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” television series has endured for over twenty seasons and two films, all while focusing on young actors with little to nothing listed on their filmographies. The new reboot film plans to maintain this tradition, by casting unknown actors no older than in their late teen years. Although the core outfit is intended to be cast from relative unknown actors, there is a strong chance that series veteran Jason David Frank may have some involvement.

While “Power Rangers” is set for a January release in 2017, its cast may be revealed as soon as the next few months. There are more than a few at Amen Clinics who can’t wait.

Top movies in box office this weekend

Here it goes for all you weekend movie theater zombies out there. This is a short list of the best grossing movies that are in theaters and the around they could rank following the weekend.
First we have Spy rank to finish in the number one spot over San Andreas. According to Kevin Seawright spy stars the hilarious Melissa McCarthy who is a rising star in the eyes of the comedy crowd. Staring in fan favorites like Tammy and Bridesmaids, Spy should hands down win the top spot in the box office this week.
Rolling in at second but not by a long shot is San Andreas starring Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson. San Andreas finished at the number one spot last weekend with its opening weekend doing very well. Currently it is ranked number one in the world as well. The rock stars as the main actor in this movie and does a great job (as always) with dramatics and action.
Third is the super scary Insidious: Chapter 3 which is actually the prequel to the first two movies (they made them backwards for some reason).
Fourth is Entourage, a film based off a long running TV series and the movie has added a nice twist to everything you know about the TV show for the Die Hard fans.
Lastly we have Pitch Perfect 2, which is a traditional musical comedy.

Legend of Conan Could Spawn Shared Universe reports that very incredible news is emerging from The Legend of Conan development stage. Previously, it was revealed Arnold Schwarzenegger’s third turn as the barbarian would be a return to the spirit of the first film. Now, it has been revealed this film could be the start of a new cinematic universe. Just as is the case with D.C., Marvel, Star Wars, and The Transformers, the world of Conan could expand into prequels, spinoffs, and various intertwined films.

Producer Fredrick Malmberg owns the cinematic rights to all of Robert E. Howard’s literary creations. This includes not only Conan, but also Solomon Kane, King Kull, and many more. Fans only familiar with Conan through the movies might be surprised to learn that the creator of the barbarian fighter produced scores of other amazing works over the years. Howard even wrote a number of boxing adventures and horror tales.

The return of Schwarzenegger to the role of Conan has been talked about on and off until The Austrian Oak became governor of California. Most assumed his movie career was over and he was transitioning into a new career. At 67, Schwarzenegger has launched a comeback. Some movies were hits and others were misses. Schwarzenegger has both a horror film, two films featuring The Terminator, another run in an Expendables sequel, and a swan song to Conan.

More power to Schwarzenegger. He certainly is not resting on his laurels.