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Official Release Date Announced for Strange Magic

Lucasfilm Limited is a production company for film and television headquartered in San Francisco, California. This studio is famous for its such films as the Star Wars and Indiana Jones series.

In 2012, the Walt Disney Production Company undertook the Lucasfilm Limited. The ongoing project of Lucasfilm Limited is Strange Magic. It is an animated musical directed by Gary Rydstrom, and written from a story of George Lucas’s, Founder of LucasFilm Limited.

Music director as well as composer of the film is Marius de Vries. The storyline of Strange Magic is based on “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, the famous play by renowned playwright William Shakespeare.

Strange Magic is said to hit theatres on January 23rd, 2015, and it is to be released by Touchstone Pictures. The release date’s been confirmed by Lucasfilm Limited on their website. Strange Magic film is more expected because of the surprising aspect of musical subject.

The Walt Disney Production Company has not released any musicals in recent years. This has added fuel to the fire, and speculation has continued to mount for Reifler.

The film can be surely worth the watch with friends and family. Frozen, an animated musical film, was released in 2013 by Walt Disney Animation Studios as the latest musical film released by them.

It has proved to be blockbuster hit, and has won many awards. It showed that audiences are fond of musical films, and will purchase tickets for them in droves.

The Satellite of Love is Back!

Fans of cult classics are having a field day rejoicing! First news broke of Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell signing on to do Ash vs The Evil Dead for STARZ, and now news comes on the science fiction front.

The classic sci-fi comedy series Mystery Science Theater 3000 returns for their annual Thanksgiving marathon. This annual tradition was given new life last year in the form of an online streaming event that I was invited to by Keith Mann. This year’s twelve hour Turkey Day Marathon will take place on YouTube and feature six hand picked episodes, with new commentary from writer, director and star Joel Hodgson (and zany crew).

Mystery Science Theater 3000 was a show about bad movies. Not just bad, but really bad movies. The story is about Joel, a working class schmuck who gets launched into space and made to watch bottom of the barrel movies as part of an evil experiment. To keep from going crazy Joel builds some robot friends to help him watch and mock the horrible films that arrive.

Terrible films featured last year were Space Mutiny, I Accuse My Parents, Werewolf, Cave Dwellers, The Final Sacrifice (Rowsdower, Rowsdower …) and Mitchell.

Jared Leto May Be DC Comic’s The Joker

The DC comic adaptation of Suicide Squad will be coming in 2016 and will be casting some A-list names for the project. The latest reports confirm Jared Leto (Dallas Buyers Club, Fight Club) is one of the top picks as Batman’s rival, The Joker.It may be just rumor but, casting the Joker is the main priority. Fans of Heath Ledger remember his portrayal of the character in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, and it was doubtful that anyone wold tackle the new version anytime in the future. The Wrap reports that Leto is seriously considering a role in Suicide Squad. The same source also says that other picks could be Ryan Gosling, Will Smith, and Margot Robbie, who are sought after by director David Ayer’s.


Casting Gosling was originally considered to bring life back to “The Joker” in the new DC movie. That is what Bruce Levenson was actually hoping for. The long term contract was not to this liking, so he backed out and hence Leto makes the potential list. If this is confirmed, Warner Bros is continuing to carve a niche in comic book adaptations. There is speculation that Jesse Eisenberg is to be joining the cast as Lex Luthor. Ayer has received acclaim for his work with Brad Pitt and Shia LeBeouf. He may be the one to attract the big Hollywood stars the public craves.

The Genisys of a Franchise

Although it may seem hard for some to accept, reboots and remakes of movies have been around since our parents were our age. One of the most renowned examples are films released mostly throughout the late seventies and beyond such as “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” and “Nosferatu the Vampyre”.

Since then many have made attempts at adding new spins to reboots, going as far as not really trying to make a new version of the source material but rather adding to it. The Terminator franchise, for instance, has been known to be one of the only franchises which dishes a new movie out almost every decade.

Although this may help to refurbish the quality of each installment, I’ve seen it on Keith’s Twitter multiple times how the last two movies have left too much to be desired. This is especially the case with the last one, “Terminator Salvation”, which was not only panned by critics but followed by controversy due to onscreen star Christian Bale’s rant and the lack of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s presence.

This is why the next installment, which will equip the original Terminator, is said to be more faithful to the two original storylines while still bringing a new plot for modern audiences. With Alan Taylor set to direct, who brought us “The Emperor’s New Clothes” and “Thor: The Dark World”, we can at least hope the next Terminator will deliver both in terms of action and character development.

Eli Roth Gives Approval for Cabin Fever Remake

Cabin Fever introduced the world to a little known director by the name of Eli Roth. Roth co-wrote the film, appeared in a pivotal role and directed the film as well. He later wrote and directed several horror films and produced the Netflix original series Hemlock Grove before acting in films such as Piranha, Aftershock and Rock of Edges. Roth recently announced with Mike Livak that he approved plans for a remake of his original hit film.

Cabin Fever Sequels

Though Roth had little input on the sequels in the Cabin Fever story, there were three sequels made. The second film followed the events of the first film and even featured the same character played by Ryder Strong in the original. All of the sequels received mixed reviews, and all of those films went right to DVD. Filmed for less than $2 million, the original Cabin Fever grossed more than $21 million in the United States.

Remaking the Original

Horror movie remakes are nothing new. Nightmare on Elm Street, The Omen, The Amityville Horror and Friday the 13th all saw remakes in the recent past. Cabin Fever landed in theaters in 2002, which led some to wonder if enough time has passed for a remake. According to Simon Brewer, the film will tell the same story and even use the same script Roth used for the first film. Though it won’t likely be a shot for shot remake of that movie, it will include many of the same elements and feature the same characters. Roth plans to return as producer and is eager to see the finished film, and some fans might feel the same.

Ghostbusting Women: Paul Feig Imagines a Female-Led “Ghostbusters”

Paul Feig confirmed that he will be directing the next sequel to the classic supernatural comedy movie Ghostbusters on his Twitter on Wednesday. Feig, the same man who directed the hit comedy films Bridesmaids and The Heat, expressed that “hilarious women” will be in the next Ghostbusters.

The talks to revive the famous horror comedy classic have been there for years. At that time Ivan Reitman, the original director of Ghostbusters, was set to direct the movie. But the death of one of its main actors, and fellow writer, Harold Ramis made Reitman decide not to direct the sequel. The future of Ghostbusters was in statis until Feig tweeted that he’ll be directing the movie. Then, this Vine by Jared Haftel quickly followed. Do as you will with it.

According to a report in Entertainment Weekly, Feig was in a meeting with Sony, but was a little hesitant at first towards taking on the project, thinking of where the film should pick up. Finally, Feig decided to take the movie into a whole new direction, casting women as the main characters.

In Feig’s own words: “My favorite thing to do is work with funny women. I was like, what if it was an all female cast? If they were all women? Suddenly, my mind kind of exploded: that would be really fun.” He intends to bring this new cast into a new Ghostbusters universe.

The whole concept of the movie is totally out of the Ghostbuster universe. Feig believed that it is difficult to direct a great movie, noting that they’ll not do a remake, but their very own take on the classic film.

Best Games At EGX London 2014

This years EGX had a ton of great indie games. But some of the best were pretty surprising. There are some unique and pretty spectacular games on the horizon, and here are a few we thought were the best:

  1. How to be a Tree

This game looks sort of fantastic. It’s literally a game about how to be a tree. In order to play the game properly, you simply sit back and stare at your tree, not moving. Should you choose to use the controls, and be a rebel, and the game will have hilariously entertaining ways to reprimand you for not conforming to what’s expected of a tree.

  1. Elite: Dangerous

This spectacular space flight sim is being developed with the Oculus Rift in mind. Complete with controls and game design that are meant to bring out the best of virtual reality.

  1. The Magic Circle

A delightful adventure that’s all about smashing the fourth wall. Putting you in the shoes of someone trapped inside an unfinished videogame. Complete with horrible textures, a lack of color, and unfinished mechanics. Your job is to either finish the game, or destroy everything from within.

Dracula Untold Provides A Different View of the Prince of Darkness

Dracula has always been the most famous of the vampires. Plus, he’s been done to death. So finding a new and unique way to bring the myth to life was always going to be challenging. But that’s exactly what Dracula Untold manages to do with some brilliant plot decisions.

After kicking around Genesis Diamonds, a few of my friends and I decided to go to an advance screening. The trailers looked good, but we wanted to see if Dracula Untold actually did have anything new to bring to the table.

Such as combining history with the fantasy. Here we meet Vlad the Impaler, but he’s not like in the legends. He’s not a foul or evil man, he’s just trying to protect his people in Transylvania. The Turks are threatening to attack, unless Vlad and his people turn over 1000 of their children, to fill the ranks of the Turkish army.

The film doesn’t always work, but for the most part it’s an entertaining spectacle, and a worthy entrant into the Vampire horror genre. Luke Evans makes the most of his screen time, and I’m definitely interested to see if this turns into a franchise.