Sameer Jejurikar Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is an industry that is expanding. Millions of people are interested in various plastic surgery procedures. Most people want to have plastic surgery completed to look younger. There are also numerous medical applications of plastic surgery.

Sameer Jejurikar is a notable plastic surgeon who resides in the Dallas area. He has a unique approach to owning and operating a business. Over the past few years, his firm has expanded. He is an aggressive marketer who continually promotes his services.

Medical Career

Sameer Jejurikar started working in the medical industry while he was in college. Although he knew he wanted to be a doctor, he did not know which sector to focus on. While in school, Sameer Jejurikar learned about the growing field of plastic surgery. He decided that it would be an excellent field to learn about.

Hospital Work

Working in a hospital is difficult for multiple reasons. Not only is the work stressful, but the hours are long. Sameer Jejurikar worked for several years in the plastic surgery division. Although he struggled to balance work and school, he learned a lot of different ways to interact with patients.


After many years of practicing plastic surgery, Sameer Jejurikar decided to start his own cosmetic surgery company. Some people tried to discourage him from starting a company. However, he wanted to work directly with patients through his business. The first few months were hard on Sameer Jejurikar. He now operates one of the most successful plastic surgery practices in the United States.

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