Steven Hicks Steers Southridge Capital to Success

Financial matters can be a scary topic for much of the populace. Investing can seem overwhelming to those who have no experience. Southridge Capital is a company that understands the needs of its clients, and how confusing and intimidating the world of finances can be.


Founded in 1996 by current CEO Steven Hicks, Southridge has built a reputation of success. Steven has experience: more than 30 years in the investment industry, focusing on derivatives, risk arbitrage, financial structuring and investment banking.


His college days were spent at King’s College where he earned a BS in Business Administration. His MBA was earned at in New York City at Fordham University. The services that his company provides includes financial analysis, balance sheet optimization, debt management, legal settlement services and bankruptcy advice.


Their services are not limited to individuals. They offer a wide array of services which could help companies that are in need of financing. Southridge Capital knows that not all companies understand how to take full advantage of all the opportunities which are possible, and specialize in finding ways to secure capital which may not be obvious to the average businessman.


That knowledge comes from the vast experience which Steven and his team at Southridge Capital has. They have operated on Wall Street for twenty years and know how to separate a good investment from a bad one. The major factor in their success is planning. Each day Steven makes himself a to-do list to complete. Not only for him, but he makes another list for his team, as well. This puts everyone on the same page and on a safe track to success.  You can visit to see more.


The company has a focus on the community, as well, and encourages social responsibility. Southridge Capital, whether as a company or through the efforts of individual employees, is active in community leadership, volunteer work and other forms of philanthropy. This is an approach which is geared towards improving the lives of people not just in their pocketbook, but for society as a whole. For more info you can checkout





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