The Achievements that Highland Capital Management Has Made Under the Leadership of James Dondero

Highlands Capital management is a company that was established in 1993 by James Dondero and Mark Okada. The company focuses on alternative forms of investment such as hedge funds, investments which are structured and distressed investment funds. They also deal with high-yield bonds and distressed investment funds.

The company has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas and is a holding company to a number of some of the most successful businesses in the state. Some of the firms that are part of the empire include Nexbank Capital, LLC, which is an investment bank and NexPoint Solutions. The company currently has more than $17 billion under management. The secret behind the success of the company is the co-founder and the current CEO of the company, James Dondero.

The Journey to success

The visionary and sound leadership that James Dondero has been offering to Highland Capital Management is the reason they are so successful. James has more than three decades of experience in the Credit Market. James graduated from the University of Virginia, where he studied finance. Dondero is also a Certified Public Accountant, a Chartered Financial Analyst, and a Certified Management Accountant. He worked in some financial institutions before he decided to leave and start his company. Some of the organizations he worked with include American Express, where he managed a fund of close to $1billion in fixed income. He has been on the board of American Bank Note, and MGM.

James understands that to succeed; one needs to have a resilient spirit. When the company started out in 1994, they had very little capital at their disposal. It led them to decide to form a merger with another company. For the next few years, the duo worked relentlessly to make sure that the business stood. By 1997, the business had shown clear signs of improvement, and they decided to buy back their stake in the partner company.

Dondero believed that the firm had a very bright future ahead, which is why he decided to enter a mutual business agreement with Columbia Asset Management. Through this company, he was able to take the business to Seoul in South Korea and increase their asset base to tens of billions of dollars. James says that the best is yet to come for HCM.

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