The Best Zombie Anime Hands Down


Anime has always been a popular subject, and with new shows like The Walking Dead and Z-Nation, zombies are getting pretty popular too. If you like either of the two, you probably want to know that people have been combining the two to reach a wider audience. One of the most popular of them that we’re going to tell you about today is called HighSchool Of The Dead.


As with most zombie anime, or like any other zombie show or movie, there’s an “outbreak” and a virus starts infecting people around the world. You follow a group of students in a high school, the main character being Komuro Takashi, throughout their escape. Two of the girls that went mainstream were Yuriko Takagi and Rika Minami, not only for their sexy looks but because of how badass they are in a zombie situation.  Not your typical school life anime, that’s for sure.


The anime is packed with blood gore and action as well as a handful of overly flirty scenes. Bringing out nearly every aspect of a zombie apocalypse, it’s tied together with better graphics than most animes and a cast that you can relate to, making it must watch TV if you’re after the best black cartoons you can watch.


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