The Centrifugal Influence Of End Citizens United

As Kofi Annan once said, “Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.” The above are the sentiments echoed by the Holy Christian Bible, that “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” America today, is a nation that has gotten held, hostage. It is a country that has recently been on the receiving end of some new form of ‘terrorism,’ orchestrated by a section of its most influential citizens, all because of the wealth and power they wield. Since 2010, development projects in the United States have slackened all because a few politicians in high places have gotten compromised with promises of untold riches. Until 2010, America was the land of the free and a location of opportunity, but a 2010 ruling made amendments in the constitution to have rich people fund campaigns during national elections.

What got done in good faith has now ended up affecting America in a big way, and that is why a PAC like End Citizens United has come to a realization. Since its inception, End Citizens United has attracted the attention of the electorate, with the primary mandate of:

Keeping politicians in check
Dismantling any secret political organizations
Petitioning for a repeal of the 2010 ruling

What started as a small group has now grown to a fully fledged organization, gaining the support of American citizens as well as a few politicians who have not gotten themselves into shoddy businesses. Two years down the line, End Citizens United stands out to be one of James Bopp’s greatest creations. Using his PAC, Bopp has to a greater extent been able to cause a major blow to America’s campaign finance regulations, relying mainly on the professional contribution of influential advocates affiliated with the organization.

However, End Citizens United recognizes that without having sufficient money, its efforts are all in vain. Therefore, the organization has since day one initiated programs meant to raise funds, to enable them to offer financial support to their most preferred candidates when the elections come. Christmas came early for End Citizens United in the first quarter of this year when the PAC collected $4 million from its members. So far, the fund raising project is ongoing, and the PAC anticipates receiving $35 million by 2018, before the commencement of the Congress elections. If the $35 million mark gets realized, it will outshine the $25 million contributions that got experienced in 2016. In recent years, End Citizens United has been experiencing an increase in the number of members affiliated with the association, and can now boast of a backing of more than 100,000 American citizens. With the PACs coffers getting full by the hour, End Citizens United will be able to fight back in equal measure.

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