The Impact of Amicus Therapeutics

Amicus Therapeutics specializes in designing advanced therapies that treat a wide range of devastating orphan and rare diseases. One such disease is Fabry disease which is caused by a gene mutation. This condition can damage the nervous system, cardiac and the renal systems. The condition affects different people in different ways, but is more progressive and more damage the longer it is present.

Amicus Therapeutics is passionate about their role in preparing therapies that are really making inroads against conditions such as Fabry disease, which affects between 5,000 and 10,000 people on a worldwide basis. Visit Yahoo Finance to learn more about Amicus Therapeutics.

Amicus Therapeutics has developed technologies that are innovative enough in their development so that the treatments for these genetic diseases in humans are affected by targeting specially mutated proteins. These enhanced treatments for the patients who are suffering from these terrible diseases are benefiting from this fine research.

The patient advocacy at Amicus Therapeutics works with the rare disease community to cover all areas of possible support to be sure that all can be done to provide relief. Amicus Therapeutics has taken the position that they are going to be the bridge between the patients and their families and the treatment.


The patient advocacy involves listening to the people and their families who are affected by these diseases so that patient input can be utilized to help in the design of the therapy. By conducting such close communication with the participants, Amicus Therapeutics is able to understand how the patient feels and can adjust therapies accordingly.

Since the very beginning, Amicus Therapeutics has put the patients first and at the very center of everything. The mission of the company is to transform the lives of the patients who are affected by these rare diseases. The first and best-in-class medicines, more and more people are finding relief by these efforts. Read more at about Amicus Therapeutics.

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