The Leadership Philosophy of Vijay Eswaran

Fear can either paralyse us or fear can excite and motivate us. Vijay Eswaran’s life and business philosophy is that fear should be used to impel us to take risks in order to reap great rewards. Vijay came to realize that any day can be our last and we must live as though we are, as he puts it, at all times but two minutes away from the abyss and living your life with a sense of urgency supercharges your life. He postulates that fear is a great motivator for growth and that security and comfort cannot lead to a life of growth.

And change is an important part of that growth. Change must continue throughout your life in order for you to progress. Change can be good or bad, but even bad change is better than no change. It’s a natural process happening all around us every moment of every day. In the latter years of our lives, many people feel overwhelmed by changes and cannot keep up. But in earlier stages of our lives, we must never stop changing.

Vijay Eswaran learned from his father the philosophy of “service above self” that he’s carried with him and has been his philosophy of leadership since then. A leader in business takes care of the people he is leading and then customer service takes care of itself.

A leader has clarity of vision and communicates it to their team so that everyone knows what the goals are and where they are headed.

Core values that include honesty, truth, acceptance and compassion defines who you are as a leader and who you are as a company.

Servant leaders support and assists the people on their team to grow professionally to help them become the best they can be in order that the organization experiences growth as well.

Finally, great leaders willingly sacrifice so that the team is motivated and unified in their shared goals.

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