The Traveling Vineyard Is A Great Opportunity

The Traveling Vineyard provides award winning wines to an exclusive clientele. It is easy to make money, with your own home based business, acting as a wine guide for wine tasting parties. You are in control of your own earnings and schedule.

To get started all you need as the Success Kit; which includes the accessories you’ll need for many parties to come and enough wine for two parties. The wine guide will make up to 35% profits, depending on how many bottles of wine are sold per wine party. All following parties will be $75, unless the prior party met the standards needed for a free wine kit.

It is not necessary to know all there is to know about the wine business before getting started. All that is needed is a willingness to learn and a friendly attitude. The Traveling Vineyard will provide each new wine guide with a knowledgeable mentor who can answer questions and take them along on parties. Each wine guide will be given their own personal website, where clients can book their parties and wine guides can sign people up to be on their team of wine guides.

Making money is dependent on the number of wine bottles sold each party. The earning potential goes up to 35% depending on how much is sold. Each wine guide will make a percentage off the sales of their team members as well. The more parties held, the more money can be made, although there is no minimum required each month.

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