What George Soros Believes Lies Ahead

The Hedge Fund Manager Chimes In
George Soros has spent the better part of his career as a hedge fund manager. George Soros is considered the world’s most successful hedge fund manager having amassed a $25 billion fortune for himself through his personal hedge fund. With the amount of wealth he has amassed he considers himself a major defender of the Left and does what he is able to in order to promote liberal policies. Buth recent events have struck a nerve with George Soros.

Recovering From Defeat
It is clear that last year was a disappointment for the Left. Conservatives in America and Europe saw major victories and greater public support for many of their policies on Biography. In America, Republican nominee Donald Trump won the presidential election and brought with him massive victories for Republicans in all 3 branches of the federal government on Snopes. In Europe, the Brexit campaign was successful and populist candidates like Marie Le Pen have dominated headlines and prepared a pathway to victory. Progressives must find a way to recover from these losses and return to power.

Why Things Have Changed
The rise of conservatives in 2016 has left many wondering exactly how it happened. George Soros believes it is rooted in negative attitudes many in the West have towards globalization on Politico. Globalization has brought positive changes to developing countries and offered many wealthy people in the developed world opportunities to enrich themselves, but it has done little for the average person living in the developed world. This has given an opportunity for nativists to seize political power by appealing to the concerns and desires of the working class.

Things Are From Normal
The state of the European Union today is far from ideal. A lagging economy and a refugee crisis threaten the future of the organization and may risk crashing the EU in a similar manner to the Soviet Union in the 90s. George Soros believes it is absolutely important that Europeans do everything they can to protect the European Union and help prevent a disastrous situation from occurring. In America, Soros believes the Left needs to find a way to return to power as soon as possible. Currently, Republicans on opensocietyfoundations.org hold the vast majority of power on a federal level and most power on the state level. In order to ensure a future for the party changes are needed.

About George Soros
George Soros is a hedge fund manager and frequent contributor to political campaign. A firm believer in open societies, he prefers to support progressive causes and greater global unity. He sees this as the best way to ensure a prosperous society and the best way to maintain peace.

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