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A Monopoly Movie Coming Out

When it comes to movies, there are a lot of ideas that come out and new shows that are developed. When it comes to board games, there are some that have already been made into movies. Could the Monopoly board game become something that will be a story behind a new movie? Could there be a story developed based on the game of Monopoly? It seems so.

Lionsgate has announced that they are going to be releasing a movie that is based on the very special Hasbro game of Monopoly. This movie is something that Monopoly fans will enjoy. This movie takes a game that is loved by families everywhere, and it turns that game into a movie that will be enjoyed reports Shaygan Kheradpir here. The movie that will be coming out is something that board game fans and movie lovers will all be able to enjoy together.

Kim Kardashian Ready For Baby Number 3 Already

We are all still in shock over Kim’s announcement of being pregnant with her second child, for awhile it seemed that she would not be able to have another child and after her complications with North, Kim insisted that she didn’t want another baby. After having North and falling head over heels in love with her, Kim and Kanye got right on with making their second child, but it wasn’t easy. Kim had to undergo IVF and even an emergency surgery before she was finally able to get pregnant again, now that she is expecting a baby boy, everyone expects her to be done with the baby making but Kim has other plans.

During an interview, the team at Boraie Development said Kim actually shared that she would now consider having a third child. So far her second pregnancy is going very smoothly and she is hoping that her delivery will be problem free, if so she will be attempting to conceive a third child.

Considering Kim and Kanye’s relationship and their love of family, it isn’t odd that they are excited to have a big family to share their love with. North will have lots of brothers and sister and Kim and Kanye will have the empire they have always wanted. For now everyone is just going to have to keep watching Kim’s growing baby bump and hoping for the best. If nothing else Kim’s pregnancy style and fashion this time around is worth the trouble.

Star Trek 3 is Now Star Trek Beyond

The director of the third Star Trek film, Justin Lin, has confirmed the rumored title to the new entry in the rebooted franchise. Star Trek Beyond is the official title. Reportedly, this was the title of the movie before Lin came on board. In all truthfulness, Star Trek Beyond is a really great title.

Details about the plot of the film are not known. Shooting only started recently. Other than the basic premise that Idris Elba plays the bad guy and makes things difficult for everyone, no other aspects of the plot are known.

We do know that Paramount wanted the tone of the new film to be less serious, but not to nerdy. Well, Paramount didn’t say “nerdy” outright but studio executives thought the original script wallowed a bit much in Star Trek geekdom. That might have worked years ago, but not these days. Fans want a fun film with thrills. Guardians of the Galaxy is a perfect example of such a movie. Rumor has it Paramount wants to copy some elements of the Marvel blockbuster. Hopefully, the new Star Trek movie will draw inspiration from Marvel’s approach but avoids outright copying anything.

Star Trek Beyond might prove to be a very prophetic title. PR Newswire tells that the series may be moving beyond what we commonly see in a Star Trek feature. The series may be moving beyond J.J. Abrams’ approach to filmmaking.

Star Trek Beyond hits theaters in July of 2016.

Warner Bros Shifts Superhero Plans

Warner Bros. has been working to develop the DC Cinematic Universe, but this has forced them to shuffle some of their other plans for DC Comics imprint Vertigo. Meanwhile, Guillermo Del Toro has apparently decided to give up the directing job for Justice League Dark.

Though owned by DC Comics, Vertigo stories tend to have a darker, more serious tone and are sometimes (but not always) disconnected from the main DC Universe, as they often fall into genres besides straight-up superheroics says Igor Cornelsen. The main project in development is The Sandman, based on the story by Neil Gaiman and being directed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, which tells the story of Morpheus, the supernatural personification of Dream. It and other Vertigo film projects will now be handled by New Line Cinema, a subsidiary production company, so that Warner Bros. can focus on the interconnected and presumably more profitable DC Cinematic Universe.

Meanwhile, one of those DCCU projects is Justice League Dark, which features a group of magically inclined characters such as ghostly Deadman, actual magician Zatanna, mystical detective Constantine and plant person Swamp Thing. (Coincidentally, some of these characters started at Vertigo.) Del Toro was set to direct, but has bowed out due to obligations for other projects like Crimson Peak and Pacific Rim 2.

Hopefully these changes won’t hinder these unconventional comic book adaptations’ development too badly.

U-Turn on the Highway to the Danger Zone: Top Gun 2 in the Works

In 1986 audiences were wowed by a new movie about the Navy’s elite Top Gun school. It featured amazing shots of aerial acrobatics, battles and (spoiler alert) death. According to a recent report  after the success of so many of last century’s action movie re-boots this year another one is in the works: Top Gun 2.

The role of cocky young pilot Lt. Pete Mitchell, more appropriately known as Maverick seemed tailor made for the young Tom Cruise in the first Top Gun. Much like Maverick, Cruise was seen as a cocky young actor who never seemed intimidated for any role. He would sing “Old Time Rock and Roll” in his under-wear an play opposite screen legend Paul Newman in Scorcese’s underrated “The Color of Money” — which was a sequel to the classic 1961 film The Hustler.

Thirty years later, it is Cruise’s turn to be the elder statesman in a high-profile sequel to a classic film. Much of the speculation surrounding the new film has Maverick fighting drones but, since the script writing is still in the early stages, this aspect could be changed or expanded. While the use of drones has certainly been controversial in the past few years Hollywood has yet to jump into the fray with the exception of last year’s drama Good Kill. No word yet, says Sam Tabar, on how this topic will be presented in a potential blockbuster.

Jurassic World Breaks More Records

In 1993, Steven Speilberg brought Micheal Chricton’s Jurassic Park to the life. According to Susan McGalla on her personal site, his feature film is considered by many industry insiders to be among the greatest films ever created, and the blockbuster was a landmark in both traditional animatronics and computer generated imaging. Last weekend, the fourth film in the franchise Jurassic World opened worldwide. It broke down box office records like a T-rex breaks a fence once the electricity is turned off. Jurassic World took home the best opening box office of all time, and the best international opening weekend as well. In its second weekend, the blockbuster has smashed even more records.

The film’s second weekend earned $106.6 million domestically. It continued to be the number one in the box office and garnered enough revenue to break the record for the best second weekend for a film. Combined with the global revenue from last weekend, Jurassic World stands at $987.2 million. Based on the data from the weekend alone,The Korea Times was willing to give the title of fastest 1 billion dollar film to Jurassic World. By their estimates the film would break the billion dollar mark 13 days after hitting the box office. The record was previously held by Furious 7 which took 17 days to make a billion dollars.

The news of Jurassic World’s success is a slight blow to Disney and Pixar. The animation studio launched their film Inside Out this weekend. It did take home the record opening for an original film and fourth best opening for an animated film; however, dinosaurs continue to hog the spotlight.

“Orange Is The New Black” Shows Female Power

The show “Orange Is The New Black” is a hit sensation these days, and almost every entertainment show is talking about it. The show has been talked about on TV, in magazines, and in newspapers. “Orange Is The New Black”. Since it’s returning for season three, many are excited about the current cast as well as the other women that will be added to the cast. The show is about female prisoners, and yes, they dress in orange. Not only is a show about prisoners, it’s also about female empowerment as well. The show is directed by a woman, and it proves that women can do absolutely anything.

Women tend to be ousted in Hollywood when it comes to directing, producing, and even acting. Even though we see big stars like Julia Roberts, Charlize Theron, and Angelina Jolie, not every woman is that successful, and many of them are underpaid. Orange Is The New Black helps to show that women can do the same things that men can do, and they should be paid equally as well. It’s been proven that in Hollywood, women are paid less than men by as little as half the amount.

Although A-list celebrities can easily rake in $20 million per picture, every woman who is an A-lister may not be getting the same amount as their male counterpart. With the release of season three of Orange Is The New Black, they hope that things will change for the better for females in Hollywood. That certainly is something Jim Dondero and others will be monitoring.

Revisit Heartbreaking Movie Moments With These GIF’s

If you remember some of your favorite movies, there may be parts in the movie that were so touching to you that it made you cry. Sometimes, it’s not even a part in the movie that makes you cry, but it could just be a still picture that you see, and if it comes from a particular movie, it just breaks your heart. Heartbreaking Movie Moments. Here are some movie moments that you can see, and it just might stir up those sad feelings all over again. Do you remember when Carl and Ellie found out that they couldn’t have kids in the movie “Up?” You could just see Ellie’s heartbreaking.

As the movie went on, Carl even had to say goodbye to his wife, and even though it was an animated movie, it was very heartbreaking. What about Jack letting go on the “Titanic?” Who doesn’t remember when Jack froze to death while helping the woman he loved to stay on the floating piece of debris? Even thinking about that part of the movie brings tears to the eyes.

Anyone who has seen the movie “Captain Phillips,” it had to have been brought to tears to the eyes when Captain Phillips was rescued from the Pirates because it was a heart-wrenching moment. And who could ever forget when Forrest Gump visited Jenny’s grave? That part of the movie was the saddest for Stephen Murray CCMP Capital, but it helped the movie to come full circle.

‘Kingsman’ Star Has Eyes on Wolverine Role

Hugh Jackman is something of a hero in Hollywood, at least to a very vocal subset of comic book fans. His work in the Marvel Universe in the process of bring Wolverine to life has been probably the most inspiring stuff in cinematic comic book adaptation history. Jackman has been playing the role for over a decade, growing from ‘X1′ all the way to the newest title releasing in 2016. Jackman has said that he would play Wolverine all the way until he died, but the star actor has slightly changed his plans. Manager Steve Murray confirms that Jackman looks like he will be wrapping up the character in the next film or so and Taron Egerton wants in on the role.

While at first glance Egerton has no business touching Wolverine, we have to take a step back and look at this through the eyes of a Studio. Wolverine has been developed mostly in the physical form of Hugh Jackman, which means that we have seen very little of his young life. Despite being ageless we have only seen Jackman as a 40+ year old man. So going back and time and showing Wolvy when eh is first getting used to his powers could be a lot of fun, and completely new.

But then we have the problem that Egerton has a pretty posh British accent, however we are ready to forgive it. Egerton showed off his action and comedic chops in ‘Kingsman’ and we think he could pull off the role.

Is Tomorrowland Disney’s Biggest Failure?

Tomorrowland just might go down in history as one of Disney’s biggest flops stated Yahoo Finance. The studio that Walt built produced some mega hits over the decades. Sure, there were a few misfires here and there. Tomorrowland, however, might be the biggest of all Disney catastrophes. Supposedly, the studio is going to lose about $140 million on the film. (Disney’s previous big-time failure, The Lone Ranger, may have done worse. ) That is an enormous loss that is going to drain from the profits made by Avengers: Age of Ultron and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Thankfully, those two movies are sure to keep Disney out of fiscal trouble.

Then again, there might be another major problem at work here. Sequels and reboots are all the rage these days. The “disappointing” third Mad Max film has earned $300+ million worldwide. Tomorrowland is never going to reach those numbers. And no, do not look for Tomorrowland to sell millions in DVDs. This is not a film that is likely to develop cult following over the ensuring years. Tomorrowland is not a good film.

What a shame. Anyone who has visited the popular theme parks has surely walked away from visits to Tomorrowland with a sense of wonder. The film leaves you with a sense of boredom.

A lot of people probably didn’t even go see the film due to the muddled marketing campaign. Tomorrowland really was a botched film on every level. Hopefully, Disney can look back on all the mistakes and avoid making them in the future.