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Lake Tahoe Skiing: The Finest Resorts Available

Lake Tahoe is a world-famous freshwater lake that’s located in both Nevada and California. It’s chock-full of extraordinary natural beauty. It’s also a popular getaway destination for people who are fans of invigorating outdoor activities. People visit the alpine lake year in and year out to take part in activities such as skiing, snowboarding, fishing, hiking and zip-lining. Since Lake Tahoe is a beloved skiing spot, it’s no surprise that it’s home to an abundance of high-quality ski resorts. Some examples of the region’s most remarkable ski resorts are Alpine Meadows, Squaw Valley, Kirkwood, Mount Rose and Heavenly Mountain Resort. People who are drawn to amazing backcountry terrain, stunning views and snow that’s amazingly deep are sure to admire the region’s most prominent ski hubs on

Alpine Meadows is a ski resort that’s located in the middle of Tahoe and Truckee City. It makes a wonderful skiing destination for all types of people. It’s a great place for advanced skiing aficionados who are all about thrills. It’s equally great for families with children. The options that are available at Alpine Meadows are truly diverse. Skiing newbies can reap the benefits of progression parks that are all about simple and smooth rides. Other skiers can enjoy the fun of vast mountain basins. Skiers who appreciate sizable bowls can have a great time at Alpine Meadows. This ski resort has 2,400 breathtaking acres and 100 plus trails.

Squaw Valley is merely 15 minutes away from the aforementioned ski resort by shuttle transportation. This Lake Tahoe ski resort is noteworthy due to having hosted the Winter Olympics all the way back in 1960. Skiing lovers frequently gravitate to Squaw Valley for a number of key reasons. They love its vitality and friendliness. These things are present all throughout the resort. They also adore its mesmerizing views. People who want to be able to feast their eyes on the clear H20 of Lake Tahoe should have no problem enjoying Squaw Valley. It’s a fantastic ski resort for people who are brand new to the activity. That’s because it offers designated learning areas that are located in the middle of jaw-dropping mountain surroundings. It also offers terrain that’s suited to people who are more experienced and seasoned. Squaw Valley has many options in chutes, bowls and trails that are ideal for capable skiers. This resort is also great thanks to its regular and dependable snowfall that extends to the spring months.

Discover How Status Labs Can Protect Your Online Reputation

Status Labs has been rebuilding and restoring online reputations for over 10 years for thousands of people in 35+ countries across the world including the U.S. A damaged online reputation can affect your business, brand, or a potential job prospect. Status Labs Has New York based President Darius Fisher says that most people realize how important it is to manage their online reputation. Unfortunately, one negative comment can turn away customers. Most people don’t understand how one unnecessary comment can cause harm go their brand and discourage your online following. Let Status Labs provide professional online reputation management services that will allow you to restore the public’s trust in you, your brand, or business.

Services Offered By Status Labs

– Online reputation management
– Emergency repair services
– Efficiency
– Search engine optimization
– Social media marketing
– PR services
and much more…

Recent Article On Status Labs

The Huffington Post did a intensive article on how Status Labs was able to fix their online reputation with a strong team of young professionals and President Darius Fisher. Fisher realized that their was no other online management company that was fit for the job. Fisher and his team were enthusiastic about using their skills and resources to benefit Status Labs. They understand that the most important aspect of cleaning up their reputation after bad press is restoring the trust of their loyal clients. They petitioned for the resignation of Jordan Fisher and make sure that they parted in a very amicable manner. Everyone watches high profile individuals and businesses when they have bad press to see how they handle it.

It was also for Status Labs to ensure that business would assume as usual. Fisher admits that Status Labs successfully used these techniques and a few others to repair their online reputation. Fisher told the Huffington Post that this experience gave him ever more confidence in the ability of Status Labs to rebuild or repair the reputation of anyone that needs professional services. Visit Status Labs for more details and program information right away.


Susan McGalla: Exploring the Life and Times of One of the Most Successful Women in the Business World

The number of female C.E.O’s keeps on rising by the day. Gone are the days when there used to be careers for men and women. Nowadays, both genders can rise the ranks and be the best in their chosen field of work. No holds barred. Gender disparity on Wikimedia, more so at the workplace, is quickly disappearing. Soon enough that mindset will remain to be a distant memory.

Women are breaking the glass ceiling in practically all of the socio-economic and political dispensations. One such woman is Susan McGalla. Her success has turned her into a role model for millions, worldwide. The excellent results by ladies can be attributed to their intrinsic ability to forge and create networks. Females are known to great multitasks. It comes as no big surprise that venture capital firms and businesses led by women are more successful than their male-led counterparts.

The Secrets to Success, According to Mrs. McGalla

The road to gender equality has not been easy. It has taken a joint team effort involving both the government and the non-governmental forces to make meaningful gains. Women like Susan McGalla on BitsyLink have paved the way forward for the rest of the pack. They have shouldered the enormous and daunting responsibility of facing the problem head on. And, they have emerged as winners.

Mrs. Susan McGalla’s credibility comes from the many years she has thrived in the business world, particularly in the fashion sector. The American business person has a recipe for success to up- and coming women. It revolves around the principles of hard work and resourcefulness. “One needs to have a thirst and a burning desire to excel and succeed. Everyone must work, relentlessly, on sharpening and be perfecting their talents. Each person is endowed with a near-infinite potential to achieve greatness”, she was quoted saying.

Family and Education.
Susan is married to a venture capitalist, Stephen McGalla. The 52-year-old received her Alma mater from Mount Union College. Susan currently serves on the Board of Advisors at that same college. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing. Susan’s career started at Joseph Horne Company. Here, she served in various roles and capacities in the years extending from 1986 to 1984. It was here she gained the necessary experience in the women’s clothing and apparel world.

The founder of P3 Executive Consulting served as the president of the American Eagle Outfitters. In addition, the consultant worked as the C.E.O of Wet Seal Inc. Her tentacles have spread out far and wide. For instance, she is a board member of HFF Inc. This is a publicly listed and traded company specializing in commercial real estate ventures.

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About the NutriMost Conflict With Healthy Living

I wanted to write a little today about a lawsuit that has been going on with a company called NutriMost. As you know, I’m a lawyer, and I’m overweight and have been for most of my life, this to me, this is a rather interesting story that I thought I’d discuss with you.

NutriMost has been a quite successful weightloss program for many individuals. It claims to help you lose 30 to 45 pounds in just 40 days, which is quite a miracle when you think about it. Well, there’s another company called Healthy Living that is trying to butt in on NutriMost’s idea for a weightloss program.

Healthy Living literally stole the ideas that NutriMost provides in its weightloss system. But they did more than just steal the principles and ideas. They actually stole content. In other words, they ripped off the video that NutriMost had on their website describing the program and put it on their own Healthy Living site.

Of course, they changed all of the references to NutriMost on the video, but the video is so obviously a ripoff. Anyone can see it. Healthy Living claims not to have known what happened, but NutriMost filed a suit with the Manhattan Court System, and had their lawyers send Healthy Living a cease-and-desist letter. We’ll have to wait and see what happens with this in court.

About NutriMost and What It Means to Me

NutriMost is a weightloss program that a few members of my family have used to help them drop pounds. You see, my family has had problems losing weight, and we’re all overweight.

We feel like collectively, we’ve tried everything. But with NutriMost, everything has changed. There are no gimmicks, no pills or shakes, and no pre-made meals. It actually works. I lost 20 pounds already!


Securus Technologies Helps To Creates Intimate Bonds Between Inmates and Family Members

Securus Technologies has recently been discussed in various publications because of the company’s commitment to cutting edge technology with regard to the prison communications industry. Securus Technology has become the leading technology company in the United States prison industry largely because of the development of the innovative prison communications system that was launched by the company one year ago. This system makes it possible for inmates to video chat with their relatives and friends from various locations. Because of the launch of this innovative new video chat system, Securus Technology is currently being implemented in most of the prisons in the United States and Canada.

The success of the Securus video visitation system has been largely publicized. The launch of this product marked the first time that a video visitation system had been successfully implemented into the majority of the correctional facilities in North America. Because of the development of this product, inmates can now experience visitation with family members who are not local and with whom they could not ordinarily communicate. This new communication software has greatly increased the happiness and corporation of inmates all over the country. Inmates who were once greatly distanced from their loved ones are now able to communicate with them on a regular basis.

Since the implementation of the Securus video visitation system in North American prisons, correctional facilities have reported a positive correlation between inmates who use the system and beneficial behaviors. Inmates who engage in communication with family members through the Securus video visitation system report feeling closer and more intimate bonds with family members and close loved ones. These positive feelings often lead to a greater sense of hope in prisoners. Because of the development of the Securus video visitation system, many inmates have a more positive outlook on life than they held previously.

The developers of the Securus video visitation system have reported enormous success with the product’s launch in various state correctional facilities. Because of the huge success of the product, Securus Technologies has announced an expansion of the product launch into new and developing countries. Now that several correctional facilities have reported a positive effect on prisoner behavior after using the system, several countries have expressed interest in acquiring the communication system for their correctional facilities. The leaders of Securus Technology have announced that the software is expected to be implemented in correctional facilities in at least three new countries before the year’s end.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Don Ressler: An Entrepreneur With a Vision

Within the business world, entrepreneurs who take a vision and turn it into reality are very special individuals. One of those special individuals is Don Ressler, who as the co-founder and co-CEO of JustFab has demonstrated an ability to create a successful business that others simply would never dream of trying. However, with a passion for entrepreneurship and the willingness to take a calculated risk, Don Ressler continues to show others that the impossible can indeed be done.

With his unique ability to spot trends and implement strategic marketing plans, Don Ressler has helped transform JustFab into one of the most exciting e-commerce businesses in the fashion industry. Realizing that cutting-edge fashion offered at affordable prices is always a win-win combination, Don Ressler took these concepts and also added a personalized shopping experience for customers. Merging all of these aspects, Don was able to take this untapped business opportunity and turn it into an exciting business that customers flock to day after day.

As an entrepreneur who has experienced tremendous success with previous businesses, Don Ressler has never been one to sit back and relax after achieving success. Instead, he continues to look forward in preparation for the next great business idea. Always willing to listen to new and exciting concepts, Don has gained a reputation as an entrepreneur who can take ideas and make them incredibly successful. As he has shown with the success of JustFab, Don is never afraid to take a chance on what he considers to be a million-dollar idea.

Showing a level of confidence few other entrepreneurs exhibit, Don continues to develop JustFab into one of the world’s most unique businesses. With its emphasis on social interaction between customers, Don constantly works with many of the fashion world’s leaders in design, style, and creativity to add new aspects to his business. Because of this, Don’s marketing and strategic planning abilities are considered second-to-none within the business world. With JustFab growing at a far more rapid pace than originally anticipated, Don has started focusing on developing the business into a global brand. Working with more and more experts in fashion, marketing, e-commerce, and other areas, he firmly believes JustFab still has many more ways in which it can grow. See:,%20Inc.

As he continues on his quest to take JustFab to the next level, Don realizes it will take tremendous amounts of hard work and dedication to make these goals become reality.

Securus Technologies: Taking Action

Securus America Technologies has never been one to take things lightly or take things sitting down. They are quick to action and quick to response. Securus maintains a good reputation in order to secure the A+ rating they get from the Better Business Bureau. After all, they are a leader in civil and criminal justice technology solutions, which makes them problem solvers. Everyone these days likes a problem solver as opposed to someone that just focuses on the problem as opposed to the solution. They pride themselves on handling public safety, investigation, corrections and monitoring. This is a responsibility they take quite seriously, as they should. Recently as PR Newswire has reported, they put together a report that focuses on multiple reports, facts, findings and articles that will put the spotlight on numerous wrongdoings and integrity breaches by inmate communications provider Global Tel Link (a.k.a. “GTL”).
Today, it is important that people do the right thing, act the right way, and behave the right way. However, sometimes people aren’t always holding themselves accountable, and that is where companies like Securus Technologies step in to right the wrong and make things better. They will hold them accountable and the truth has come out. The American public and the world for that matter isn’t stupid. They can tell when something looks fishy and smells fishy. They don’t take kindly to it.

It is now up to GTL to do the right thing and act accordingly. When you make a mistake, it is up to you fix it, make it better, and make sure it never happens again. Sometimes companies need to be called out on their actions, because if not, they will keep doing it and keep getting away with it. That isn’t right. Securus has been quoted as being offended by this. Again, they take what they do very seriously and they have great values as well as a high moral fiber. Their release stated everything so eloquently.

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Amazing Life of George Soros

George Soros is the founder and head of the Open Society Foundations as well as Soros Fund Management. He was born in 1930 in a place known as Budapest and he is among the few people who managed to survive the Nazi occupation which occurred during the World War 2. In 1947, Soros fled from Hungary which was a communist dominated society to England and here he succeeded to join London School of Economics and later on graduated with a degree in this area of study. Mr. Soros resolved to settle in the United States and founded the international investment fund which enabled him accumulate lots of money.

His Comeback to the Trading Field
After a long period of time, George Soros has again returned to the field of trading. His decision to returning to this industry has been lured by several opportunities to make profit from the economic problems he sees. Recently, he directed a large lump sum of bearish investment to ensure that the large market shifts remain at hand as well as the global economy outlook. Soros Fund Management LLC, which manages over $30 billion assets for George and his family made a decision to anticipate weaknesses in the markets by selling stocks and then bought shares of gold miners and the gold. During turmoil times, most investors view gold as very much precious and as a haven.

Through his management on different firms, George Soros has always monitored his investment closely. According to the people working closely to him, it has been noted that Soros always inserts himself in most firm operations especially if the funds are suffering losses. Early this year, Mr. Soros has been seen to be so much dedicated in directing trades as well as contacting executives frequently to ensure that all operations are working accordingly.

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George Soros – Business Leader, Philanthropist

His Achievements
In 1979, Soros took a step to establish open society foundations. As a successful hedge fund manager, he managed to start this foundation with fewer difficulties. This firm was founded on the grounds to enable people understand the world because it is inherently imperfect. His main projects began by offering scholarships to black students who were studying in South Africa in the University of Cape Town. Soros feels that his success and achievements in the financial markets has enabled him to be far much better than other people because he has a greater independence degree. This degree has allowed him to make proper decisions and speak of his stand each time a controversial issue arises.

Apart from being a hedge fund manager, George Soros has been a passionate and active philanthropist since 1979. His main goal as a philanthropist is to promote human rights, transparency as well as develop open values in the society. Soros is one of the successful people that should be used as a role model.

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Successful Businessman Brian Bonar receives Recognition

Brian Bonar has received an honor few in his field have received. He has been named Who’s Who Executive of the Year in Finance. Only two males and two females from each discipline are honored, and this year Bonar has been named. The selection committee chooses these individuals based on their professional accomplishments, leadership abilities, and academic achievements.

Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation, Brian Bonar has over 30 years experience in the professional management field he is in a position to oversee the operations of the company. His CEO position makes him responsible for employee and employer benefits and after market products. The function of Dalrada Financial is to act as a marketing liaison to their clients, helping them to increase employee efficiency. Some of these services include: risk management insurance, employee benefits, and financial management. He also holds top positions as Chairman and CEO of Smart-Tek automated Services and President of Allegiant Professional Business Service. Definitely, an executive worthy of the title in Cambridge’s Who’s Who.

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The New Frontier

Brian Bonar is a highly successful businessman and entrepreneur who has held top positions in the US and overseas. His work in the UK has granted him the honorary title of Lord Bonar of Wilcrick, Cardiff. His knowledge and experience is definitely widely recognized. Bonar is a unique businessman, because he is able to run multiple companies at the same time effectively. This type of multi-tasking is what makes him truly a force in his field.

Bonar does not just focus on business, because he also gives back. He serves on several boards and organizations that help local companies and communities. Bonar feels very connected to the Boys and Girls Club of America and helps this organization in numerous ways. He is a successful entrepreneur, businessman, and philanthropist. He believes in helping his companies be successful and giving back to the community. 

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The Amazing New Inmate Visitation Technologies From Securus

Securus Technologies has been known around the world as one of the leaders in criminal justice technology for many years. Securus has recently developed a new mobile technology that has been making it much easier for family and friends to visit their loved ones while they are incarcerated. They have just released a very successful mobile app that allows inmates to video call with their loved ones right on their mobile devices. The app which was released earlier this year has already been downloaded close to 70,000 times according to PR Newswire. This shows that there is amazing growth potential for this app. The convenience that is provided to loved ones who use this app is phenomenal.
Securus is devoted to making the communication process more personal and less rigid for friends and loved ones of inmates. This Youtube similar mobile video calling app is a great way for inmates to share important events with loved ones. This mobile video calling app is a great way for individuals to feel as though they are able to be a part of their family’s lives without having to miss out on precious memories that they would otherwise not be able to experience.

Securus Technologies has been helping over a million inmates in nearly 3,500 correctional facilities connect with their loved ones for years. There are many different inmate communications companies out there that just do not meet the standards that Securus has placed in the market. Securus Technologies also helps with many other inmate services. The future looks very bright for Securus Technologies as they push forward into a new world of advanced leadership in the inmate services market. It will be very exciting to see the changes that take place in the company over the next few years. There are many inmates whos lives have been affected greatly by the amazing services from Securus Technologies.

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