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Carlos Alberto De Oliveira Andrade And His Contribution To The Growth Of CAOA

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade is the creator and president of the Board of Directors of CAOA, a company that started as an Automotive organization in 1979. Dr. Carlos was to receive a Ford Landau from the Ford dealership but did not go for it because the concessionaire went insolvent. From these, the businessman decided to propose the resale of the company that went bankrupt and that way he founded the CAOA which later on in 6 years became the leading Ford dealer around Latin America.

Importation of vehicles was prohibited in Brazil until 1992, during the same year that importation was allowed, CAOA was the sole official importer of Renault brand of vehicles in the country. Within three years of business, Renault was the leading brand in sales in the imported segment and fifth in the general market. As mentioned in, Renault later came to Brazil and took the right of import, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade left in representing it causing it to fall in sales to a distant Ninth position within one year.

In 1998, CAOA won the rights to import Subaru that was previously represented by another importer. The sales tripled in less than 12 months. As per Istoe Dinheiro, CAOA had a different method of pushing sales; this was evident in 1999 when they started importing Hyundai models and pushed the sales despite other distributes failing in the same. CAOA group continued being the top importer and distributor of Subaru and Hyundai as well as the leading Ford dealer up to the year 2006.

In April 2007, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade’s CAOA opened its first Hyundai factory in Brazil. After the creation of the factory, Alberto’s dream came true, and he won the Entrepreneur of the Year by Dinheiro magazine. Similarly, in 2010, his Annapolis factory was recognized by the renowned magazine as the ‘Company of the Well.’ The company later held the title of ‘most admired’ company for three consecutive years.

Good planning and well-laid strategy by CAOA led to the success of Hyundai in Brazil. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade took to the Brazilian market automobiles that customers desired as well as being the type of vehicles that featured in their categories.

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Alex Hern’s Involvement In And Predictions For The Tech World

A man who operates on his tried-and-true code of integrity, Alex Hern is a renowned industrialist of bold ambition. Committed to expanding the technological realm, Hern places himself in the vanguard of tech developments. In fact, Hern’s founded and co-founded various tech-based enterprises. From ModusLink Global Solutions and ArcSight to CloudShield and Triton Network Systems, Hern is responsible for the upbringing of these wonderfully innovative corporations. His most recent undertaking, creating Tsunami, is aimed at developing a platform wherein forward-thinking engineers and scientists can work in harmony. While the capabilities of AI and machine learning intrigue Hern, he’s far more invested in another promising trend: cloud-based computing.

Hern’s crystal ball forecasts the rise of a GPU-driven era, a juncture that Hern would very much like to play a vital role in. In fact, the prospect of contributing significantly to the demise of CPU-oriented methods spoke to Hern, in turn leading to the conceptualization of Tsunami. Since its rise, Tsunami has made substantial strides in devising ultramodern software applications. With the growing popularity of XR and augmented reality, Hern strives to remain on the cutting edge of innovation. It’s for this reason why he urges tech companies to “try to imagine other applications that’ll extend technology.”

Though Hern is a man of many aspirations, he remains laser-focused on his visions by dedicating four hours a day to quieting his mind. For any aspiring entrepreneurs, Hern recommends a healthy dose of perseverance and resilience. What’s more, the mantra that’s remained the bedrock of his philosophies is “success is not final, and failure is not fatal.” Above all else, Hern is an advocate of the power of focus. According to Hern, allowing our crazed ideals to go unchecked is not conducive to productivity. Instead, Hern encourages others to do away with multitasking tendencies by tending to “key goals without interruption.” As Hern continues to explore the great unknowns of the entrepreneurial realm, he’ll no doubt discover, pioneer, and support revolutionary change.

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DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani: The World’s Most Recognized Property Developer

As the saying goes, ‘’An idea worth believing is an idea worth investing”, so is DAMAC Properties. It took the courage of DAMAC Property Chairman, Hussain Sajwani to believe in the property development idea and pump money into it, eventually building an empire out of a single plan. Hussain Sajwani did not hesitate to put into use his expertise in sales, marketing, law, and administration.

Today, DAMAC Property has created employment opportunities to over 2000 employees stationed in its extensive network of premises around the world. The company is also publicly-listed in the Dubai Financial Market, all thanks to Sajwani’s hard work and determination.

DAMAC Properties Social Corporate Responsibility

Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC owner, has initiated a right course for his company, to see to it that people from poor households around the world benefit from his efforts of giving back to the society. In the year 2013, he handed a cheque of two million, in a campaign bid to dress underprivileged children around the world. Since the launch of the campaign, more than 50,000 children have benefited, and a total of 120 million AED raised. Hussain Sajwani has impacted positively to the living standards of a significant number of people around the world.

Hussain Sajwani and Donald Trump

Hussein Sajwani is a key business partner to Donald Trump, the United States President who enjoys a share of investment in the economy of Dubai. Owing to their productive partnership, Trump praised Sajwani for his entrepreneurial skills that have seen them reap the benefits from their business endeavor. It is humbling to receive such a positive comment from the President of a World’s respected nation. Sajwani has shown his interest in continuing to do business Donald Trump’s Real Estate Firm, the Trump Organization.

More About Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani, a graduate from the University of Washington, is a respected businessman and investor. He is the president and the brainchild of DAMAC Properties, a globally recognized company that specializes in real estate development. According to Ebizine, he founded DAMAC Properties in the year 2002 and had witnessed the continuous growth of the company its formation. Hussain Sajwani was well set to start his business endeavor after working as a Contracts Manager in GASCO, a branch of Abu Dhabi National Oil company. To see their developments, visit their YouTube channel.

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Things You Need To Know About Charlamagne Tha God


Born in 1978, Charlamagne tha God has built a great name for himself through the excellent presentation skills that he has showcased. He has hosted various tv and radio shows through which he has inspired many people and shared his thoughts about the various life experiences. He is known for hosting the Breakfast club show. Additionally, he is also a star in Guy Code, Girl code and many other famous shows. In his recent breakfast show, the renowned radio host gave his views regarding Eminem’s new album Kamikaze.


According to Charlamagne tha God, the Kamikaze Album sounded unique. Even though Eminem dissed him in the album, the renowned radio host understood that every artist expresses their life experiences through their songs and he sees nothing wrong with it. Additionally, he also thinks that the political rants of Eminem were more organic as compared to those in the other albums he has released before. Though he did not like Thurgood Marshall Mathers, he was impressed with the Trump shots in the new album released by the celebrity.


Additionally, Charlamagne tha God believes that everyone has the freedom of speech and as a result. He encourages people to ensure that they respect what other people think and say regardless of the impact of their opinions. He also believes that Eminem is one of the best rappers of all time and that he has inspired many people through his songs regales of their nature. The renowned radio and tv host also thinks that that Eminem does not care about offending the LGBT community.


Charlamagne has inspired many people through his shows and he continues to bring insight in the lives of people through them. He has learned a lot from his life experiences and he continues to adopt better approaches to handle the various challenging situations that he goes through in his life. Charlamagne tha God is today a role model to many people and he has never hesitated to give his thoughts about crucial life experiences. He has continued to develop his carer and through persistence, he continues to be a successful star. View More Information Here.




Victoria Doramus Transition From Career To Philanthropy Journey

Victoria Doramus holds a degree in Journalism and mass communication from Boulder’s University of Colorado. Communication has always been her special interest as well as in history and art. The reason she undertook a semester program exploring art history and development in the Western World starting from ancient Greek to contemporary art in 2012.


Victoria Doramus is a professional in print and digital media specializing in creativity. Doramus served at Mindshare as a junior media planner. She later joined Stila Cosmetics as a creative consultant collaborating with the director of arts on the integration of campaign projects. Victoria Doramus served at Creative Agency for three years. Here she managed and organized all the professional and personal scheduling, created initial Cassandra report content, and attended editorial press coverage together with networking annual trade shows. She also managed a global network trend of experts and correspondents for focus groups, internal research, and project work.

Victoria Doramus extensive background in communication, branding, advertising, and media led to her appointed to join Trendera as the West Coast Director. She was involved in the acquisition of new businesses for Tendera Files’ first edition and implementation of sales efforts. Through the social media, she was able to build the Tendera brand, supervised contract workers and ensured brand consistency and that the editorial and design content matched the accepted quality standards.

Doramus also served under Peter Berg, the film director as a personal assistant, managing his NYC residence and running general errands such as household organization and personal shopping.

She has done a lot of freelance writing for Cosmopolitan, USA Today and The Huffington Post and served as a research assistant and writer on several books.


Victoria Doramus derives most of her fulfillment and energy in giving back to the community. She supports Amy Winehouse Foundation, an organization that aims at educating young people about addiction and eradicating stigma around them. Other organizations that Victoria Doramus supports include Women’s Prison Association, Best Friends Animal Society, and Room to Read a non-profit organization changing the lives of many children in third world countries through focusing in gender equality education and literacy.

Charlamagne Tha God Uses Media Platform To Speak Truth


When Charlamagne Tha God wrote his New York Times best-selling book “Black Privilege” he was not afraid to open up about his life. He has talked about his life experiences, and he has been able to articulate how he has been motivated even after he has come back from places in life where he has failed. What he has done is give people an inside look at his life and how he operates.


Spectators that are looking at what he has done in his career may say that he is someone that is willing to throwdown all the barriers that stop people from having real conversations. Charlamagne The God has been quite transparent about his life and what he is doing when it comes this time away from the spotlight. He has stated that he has an appointment with his therapist every week on Fridays. He has presented this information through his Morning Show platform. He feels that there is a great need for mental health awareness, and he is starting with conversations about himself.


He has opened up about childhood molestation. He has been open about selling drugs and the remorseful feeling that he has from doing this. Charlamagne Tha God has talked about issues with being faithful to partners in the past. He has also given a spotlight to his anxiety, and this is the concept for his new book.


Charlamagne Tha God has been very consistent when it comes to the type of information that he is providing about what is happening in the media. He has never been afraid to open his mouth about police brutality. He has a radio show platform, but he has not worried about being silenced. Charlamagne has been vocal because he believes that he will draw in the support from the community even if he is fired.


He has talked in his book about being fired before, and he believes that he would be able to bounce back even if he was censored by the media platform that he utilizes. He knows this because he speaks the truth on the issues and his fans support him. Refer to This Article for more information.


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Dick DeVos helps to revolutionize charter schools

Dick DeVos is known throughout the United States as a politician and a prominent member of the Michigan Republican Party. While his name has been inextricably linked to Republican politics, his career has been defined mostly by pursuits more substantive than merely running for office. In fact, aside from his 2006 gubernatorial run in the state of Michigan, DeVos has never personally run for office. It was his narrow loss to the then-incumbent Jennifer Granholm that has cemented his image in the public mind as some kind of career politician. While this association is understandable, it completely ignores the many other accomplishments that DeVos was able to achieve as a member of the private sector.


The number of major contributions that Dick DeVos has made to his home state of Michigan is too high to even guess at, and the individual achievements that he counts among his own are too many to recount. But one of the most significant areas in which DeVos has effectively labored has been in the realm of education reform. Specifically, DeVos has been one of the most important figures in the charter school movement. Not only has DeVos personally designed a number of highly lauded charter schools, but he has also backed the charter school movement on a nationwide level with his own money. All told, DeVos is one of the most important figures in education reform today.


As an autodidact with respect to the field of education, DeVos has been able to accomplish things that had never been done before prior to his involvement in the industry. One example is his New Urban Learning school in Detroit, Michigan. There, DeVos was able to demonstrate beyond any doubt that kids coming from some of the most challenged neighborhoods in the country could be turned into top-flight scholars. DeVos was able to succeed to remarkable degrees where the Detroit Public School System had failed. Students at the New Urban Learning school were able to consistently score among the top quintiles on statewide standardized tests.


Another DeVos contribution is the West Michigan Aviation Academy. This sprawling campus is located on the grounds of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. Like the New Urban Learning school, the West Michigan Aviation Academy caters to afflicted minority students who haven’t had the chance to attend decent schools. And like his other schools, the West Michigan Aviation Academy has routinely produced excellent standardized test scores.


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OSI Group Merges with Turi Foods Company

Being one of the largest food providers in the globe, OSI Industries has been making headlines with its remarkable growth rate which is expected to keep on even in the coming years. The company started from scratch rising from its humble beginning, and today it is an established, significant business corporate with about 20,000 workers present in 17 nations. Recently, the company took an extra step when it merged with Turi foods in its Australian operations, and the merger is to be named Turosi Pty Limited. The aim is to create an alliance that can provide a complete range of food solutions to retailers and consumers. The two firms believe that the merger will help them share expertise, skills, and facilities which will make them even stronger and unstoppable in the food sector.

They believe that they can make a unique world-class food company that can cater to every consumer’s needs across the globe. Both OSI Industries and Turi have maintained a strong, positive reputation with their customers, and people are likely to trust their services even more. The merger, therefore, brings in a strong potential to serve their clients in new and better ways, offering higher opportunities for their excellence. The merger will be complementing the OSI Industries especially with the already existing food brands of Colonial Farm, La lonica, and Golden farms.

Turi, which is a family-owned food company, has facilities all over Thomastown, Victoria and this makes the merger even more interesting. It happens to be among the largest poultry processing company in Australia with customers all over which include butcher shops, supermarkets, chicken retails and roast chicken outlets. Having the OSI Group in the picture will make their services even better and will help them expand their products to other parts of the world past Australia. OSI Industries on the other has been seen growing tremendously and increase its products supply from hamburger patties, pizza, and sausage links. Imagine what the merger will do to it. There will be a definite improvement in their services, products and see them reach the next level. The aim is to offer high-quality custom-made food, and achieving the goal has just been made easier.

The Forward Thinking of Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is the Senior Editor at Banyan Hill Publishing. He is based out of Delray Beach, Florida. A dedicated learner, he studied at Seton Hall University, Montclair State University, and New York University of Engineering to name a few institutions. The prolific editor has shown himself to be a worthy influence in the finance industry. After he graduated from Fordham University in 1991, he pursued a career on Wall Street as the assistant portfolio manager for Bankers Trust. Paul Mampilly would proceed to build his resume and assist numerous legal firms. In 2006, he was the manager of hedge funds for Kinetics Asset Management. This firm was in charge of over $ 6 billion. When the economy was viewed as a recession around 2008, Paul thrived; earning recognition for his ever growing skill sets.

Paul Mampilly would eventually leave Wall Street with hopes to assist everyday people with his experience and finance knowledge. He has formed several newsletters and publications to assist common residents in making their paycheck go further. He puts his client’s needs first and has appeared on numerous television programs.

Recently, Paul Mampilly released an article stating that the blockchain structure could end identity theft all together. This form of security is really valuable because consumers could potentially provide identify proofs in other forms. He went on to say that he would gladly get a microchip if it meant not having to carry around a wallet and other forms of identity documents. Having a blockchain security system allows many forms of data to be stored and he believes that this is inevitably our future; as we continue to make technology advancements. Paul highly recommends the semiconductor industry for investors. The more that companies are informed about the blockchain and semiconductor methods, the more apt those companies will be to utilize them.

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Ara Chackerian New Approach to Providing Psychiatry Care through TMS Solutions

In this InfoTech era, the intersection between health care services and technology is vital in providing excellent healthcare services. Health specialists and industrial players are continuously integrating modern tech tools into their services. For instance, the California-based philanthropist cum healthcare entrepreneur Ara Chackerian is one of the faces of the tech-healthcare ventures. His latest business interest is known as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Health Solutions that cover the outpatient psychiatry sector.




According to Patch, TMS provides alternative depression treatment with the utilization of patient-accessible devices, with the aim of making the treatment services accessible to patients. As Ara Chackerian explains, the birth of his latest venture based on the existing bridge between psychiatry patient medical services and the patients. Since most facilities and psychiatry experts were already implementing talk therapy techniques and advanced therapeutic approaches, it was critical to mend the bridge between medication and patients – leading to the birth of TMS Health Solutions. Thus, transcranial magnetic stimulation had the chance of becoming a pillar of psychiatry treatments alongside talk therapy and medication – a pillar that anchors Chackerian’s venture.




Ara Chackerian is an advocate of ending stigma among depression patients leading to suicide, which remains a leading end effect of unattended psychiatry conditions. 100 people commit suicide daily, but still, suicide remains a secret topic. Hence, suicide still consumes people’s lives, for example, at least 45,000 Americans yearly. The stigma surrounding suicide among depressive patients is what Chackerian is keen to end. He insists that talking about something wrong rather than keeping quiet is key to stopping this vice. Besides, these people should get proper sensitization on how and where to seek psychiatry care. In addition, everyone should join hands in the fight against this vice by, for example, contacting suicide preventive agencies in case of any worrying signs. You can visit The News Version to know more.




About Chackerian




Ara Chackerian is a San Francisco-based entrepreneur, philanthropist, and investor. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing, Chackerian invests in startups in the healthcare and general business companies, besides aiding philanthropic organizations. He is also an advocate environmental conservation and youth empowerment ventures, for example, through Limonapa Teak based in Nicaragua. Apart from TMS Solutions, Ara Chackerian has worked in other firms including ASC Capital Holdings and BMC Diagnostics.


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