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George Soros: A Philanthropist Driven To Better the Lives of Others

George Soros, a Hungarian-American investor, was born on August 12, 1930, in Budapest. On surviving the Nazi occupation of Hungary, he moved to England. George Soros enrolled for his Bachelor’s and Master’s in philosophy at the famous London School of Economics. He later kicked off his career by doing various jobs in merchant banks. He, later on, started his first hedge fund, Double Eagle. From its profits, Soros started another Hedge fund, the Soros Fund Management. Double Fund was later on renamed to Quantum Fund.

Soros had earlier studied philosophy. This led him to create and Karl Popper’s General Theory. The theory was based on reflexivity to capital markets. George uses the theory to assess value discrepancies used in swapping stocks. George supports the progression of America and liberal political causes. Through the Open Society Foundations, Soros has donated billions to philanthropic causes.

George Soros, as an active philanthropist, has supported many causes. He provided funds to African students to study at the University of Cape Town, during the apartheid regime. Moreover, George funded efforts used to promote peaceful democratization in post-Soviet states. In Addition to this, Soros played a great role in the transition of Eastern Europe from Communism to Capitalism. Moreover, he has used millions in funding internet infrastructure in Russian universities. George Soros has also used millions to eradicate poverty in Africa.

According to an article published in the Washington Times, George Soros has been funding protests in Ferguson. He did this, in hopes of spurring a civil action. According to the article, Soros allegedly gave at least 33 million dollars to activists groups, in one year. As a result of the funds, a one-day criminal event was turned into a National event. It sparked up grass-root coalitions which were backed up by the social media campaign, nationally. Follow George Soros on

In another article published in Politico, it talks about the overhaul of the justice system by George Soros. Soros, according to the article, channeled three million Dollars into several local district attorney campaigns. He also directed some of his money into a couple of campaigns to advance a root goal of the progressive movement.

George Soros money has been used to support different candidates to get into local leadership positions. These candidates share the same goals with Soros. Such goals include reducing racial disparities when it comes to sentencing drug offenders to diversion programs, instead of going through a trial.

Soros’s Open Society Foundation works on reforming the drug policy and also the criminal justice system. The foundation has also supported various reform groups such as the California-based Alliance for Safety and Justice. Soros has been a great influence in changing the justice system for the better. Know more on CNBC about George Soros.

Yanni Hufnagel Leads Harvard Crimson To Excellence

Young people need role models in life. This is because, with a role model, an individual gets a pointer towards the right direction in life. With a role model, it becomes easy to achieve one’s dreams. Such is the image Yanni Hufnagel presents to the youth. Yanni was born in 1982. The former college basketball coach last served at the Nevada team as an assistant coach. Under the guidance of Eric Musselman, Yanni soared as an instrumental assistant who instilled constructive values to players.


Initially, Yanni Hufnagel was an assistant coach for the Golden Bears of California, Harvard Crimson as well as Vanderbilt Commodores. In college, Yanni was considered as a top recruiter. As a 30-year-old boy who hails from the Jewish society, Yanni invested in books at a young age. His journey as a coach began from a tender age where he read about coaching and training. He implemented the doctrines of the books by encouraging hard work and discipline in his teams.


Yanni Hufnagel started working at a local television station as a commentator. He was known for his input in different teams. At that time, he had a co-broadcaster who envisioned his successful future as a coach someday. Being passionate about sports and team leading, Yanni was destined to own a team in future. A testament to his efforts, Yanni landed several executive positions in different basketball teams.


As a first year student at the Cornell University, Yanni Hufnagel was entrusted with the position of a manager. He later landed an internship position as a coach at New Jersey Nets. Yanni graduated college and landed a coaching job through his colleague. Under Jeff Capel, he thrived into one of the most admired assistant coaches.


At Harvard Crimson, Yanni Hufnagel was the recruiting coordinator. His duties included managing the team’s playing perimeter for development purposes. For every season, Yanni ensured that the Harvard Crimson won about twenty games.


Dr. Jim Tananbaum, a Healthcare Investor and Strategist

Dr. Jim Tananbaum is the chief executive officer and founder at Foresite Capital Management LLC, a healthcare based company. Jim also served as the chief executive officer at GelTex Pharmaceutical and Theravance. He is the founder of Foresite Capital Management where he serves as the Chief Executive Officer. Jim has greatly invested in over 20 healthcare companies that include Amira Pharmaceuticals, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, and Amerigroup.

Dr. Jim received an M.D from a medical school at Harvard. He later earned a B.S and B.S.E.E from Yale University. Besides, Jim served as an advisory board member in different departments while at Harvard and worked in the school of Engineering at Yale University. The primary idea behind the establishment of Foresite was to amalgamate healthcare specialists. Dr. Jim particularly focused on building a strong network through which information and capital resources could be relayed conveniently.

When interviewed by Business Wire, Tananbaum paid tribute to his experience as the driving force behind his endeavors. With over 20 years of continuous involvement in Healthcare, Dr. Jim further noted that teamwork is crucial for any aspiring entrepreneur. Technology has also been resourceful in all his strategic investments. In a statement, Jim cited technology as a tool that offers a range of creative solutions particularly in healthcare.

Through his team and innovation, Jim Tananbaum has managed to realize impressive results in several disciplines that include genomic sequencing, diagnostics and biopharmaceuticals. Dr. Jim’s normally has a busy day. He spends much of his time coming up with better strategies for the company and connecting with his clients. Above all, he routinely spends a healthy amount of time with his family. Visit pelotontherapeutics for more info.

In a report by Insider Monkey, in summary, Jim Tananbaum is richly informed and experienced in his line of work. His love for reading and long service have both contributed to his exceptional level of competence in managing human and financial resources. While sharing his success story, Jim insists that taking risks and believing in oneself is overly important in entrepreneurship. Healthcare investments demand more resources in capital and time; however, the yields are equally worth the risk. You can search him on Google for more details.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s role at Brazil’s largest Bank

If you have not heard about Luiz Carlos Trabuco, let me have the pleasure to introduce you to the CEO of the biggest bank in Brazil, Bradesco.Unlike many bank executives who mostly own degrees in accounting and engineering, administration, or even economics. Luiz holds a degree in philosophy from the University of São Paulo and a postgraduate (socio-psychology) degree from the School of Sociology and Politics of São Paulo, Brazil.He didn’t just study. During his college days, he championed the idea of the election of Christ the Savior to be included in the Seven Wonders of the Modern World.After college, he began his career as a clerk at Marília’s agency in the year 1969 and is the hard worker that he is, he found himself walking up the corporate ladder to the level of marketing manager.From 1992 to 1998; he became an executive director one year later, he became the executive vice president, and in 2003 was chosen as the chairperson of the company, where he serves now.Luiz Carlos Trabuco took over Bradesco’s insurance and pension leadership from 2003 to 2009 and immediately initiated major reforms that the firm is proud of till today. Made employees feel free to do anything and everything for as long it was in line with bank’s mission and values.To achieve this, he championed the need for secures professionals to hold bank’s offices and leadership levels to be renewed. He made it a requirement for each employee to have a strategy and ways of achieving it.Speak of good habits, and Luiz Carlos Trabuco was at his best. He reported to work early and left very late. He is the man who would not just tell you what to do, but also show you how to do it.

Billion dollar deal

His decision to purchase HSBC was seen as a move in fighting for the leadership position in private sector. Luiz Carlos Trabuco bought a Brazilian branch of HSBC for the US $5.2 Billion, and this ignited a new race among private banks.When he took over as president of Bradesco, the bank had just lost its position to a competitor Itau Unibanco. But this never made him join the race involving bank rankings. Instead, he made his calculations and decided to offer the best quality to their current customers.He later commented that their move to acquire HSBC enabled them to achieve what would have taken over six years to accomplish. As a result, in 2015, he was awarded the Entrepreneur of the year in the finance sector.Luiz Carlos Trabuco turned down an offer by President Dilma Rousseff to head Ministry of Finance, and one of his close friends commented that Trabuco was born to be at Bradesco.

Wisdom, patience and hard work

Many recognize Luiz Carlos Trabuco as a leader who combines expertise, hard work, and persistence to produce extraordinary results. To many, his role in Brazil’s biggest insurance company is adored.He has not just received awards, but he has done it again. Some of the adored awards he has clinched include; insurance personality of the year 2007 and entrepreneur of the year in 2015.Luiz Carlos Trabuco has been part of the Bradesco enterprise for three decades, and his experience in the banking sector has helped him maneuver the storms of the Insurance industry.He will forever be remembered for his unique way of doing things. For instance, he advocated for the sale of insurance through the brokers. Through this methodology, he was able to increase profitability as well as serve the ultimate consumer well.As I concluded, if you must forget anything, then remember Luiz Carlos Trabuco for one thing; his fundamental believe.He believes that role of insurance in the modern society is so fundamental that without best practices, continuity and productivity will be compromised. To achieve excellence, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has ensured that the government recognizes this and should be working to provide enabling the environment to them.

Omar Yunes Wins The 2015 BFW Contests For His Formidable Operations Of 13 Franchisees

The 2015 Best Franchise of the World contests took place in Florence, Italy on December 5th. The vent had attendees from 34 nations including Italy, Mexico, Portugal, France, Hungary, Argentina and Brazil. Some of the key issues highlighted during the event include the role of the franchisee on businesses and enterprises. They delved into the motivation provided to entrepreneurs, networking opportunities afforded to participants and accessibility to knowledge that fuels the growth of ideologies and businesses.

The panel analyzed the best participants progressing the franchisee motto and awarded Omar Yunes the top spot for his role in fostering formidable franchisee relationships. Omar Yunes is the franchisee of Sushi Itto and received the honor for his expert manipulation of the information available. He was also recognized for his strategy of applying control schemes that set the standard for creating attainable measurements for all units.

Omar Yunes began his tenure in the field at the tender age of 21 when he became a franchisee for a Japanese food chain. He has grown his influence over the years and currently owns 13 units which operate in Mexico City, Veracruz and Puebla. Omar is a key figure of the BFW because his entire franchisee units make up for ten percent of the BFW units.

Omar Yunes was proud to receive the award and commented that the success would not be attainable without the collective input of 400 staff members of all the 13 active units. The chief executive officer of Sushi Itto remarked that the awards were a reflection of everybody’s efforts to create better services for clients. He acknowledged the team’s works towards nurturing a unique brand and a memorable hospitality to improve customer experience.

Omar Yunes is the son of governor elect Miguel Angel Yunes Linares of Veracruz. He has carved out his path in life independent from familial pursuits and proven that his entrepreneurial spirit is an innate attribute that will always overcome hurdles and rise to leadership. The Universidad Anahuac and Mexican Association of Franchises set up a competitive panelist board that took into consideration all the participant’s inputs and logically awarded the positions to the deserving candidates.

AviWeisfogel; the Dentist with a difference

There was a time that Mother Teresa said that we all cannot always do great things in the society, but we can always do small things with great love and this is what makes the real difference by the end of the day. This is the one saying that seems to have been taken to heart by DrAviWeisfogel. He has been practicing dentist treatment in the state of New Jersey for the past few decades and the people who know him and have used his services state that he is one of the best dentists that they know. He has received many accolades and honors in recognition of the work that he has been doing for his community and others beyond his immediate reach.

One of the initiatives that Dr. Avi started is the Dental Sleep Masters. He started the initiative when he realized that very many people had cases of undiagnosed and hence untreated sleep apnea. He decided that it would be good to try and get other dentists to weigh in on the problem and the research lab came up. The laboratory houses some of the finest doctors in the field and aims to get a lasting treatment for problem. So far, they have gotten an instrument that stimulates the upper respiratory track and helps sleep apnea patients breathe better approved by the FDA. They are also hoping that through the different sensitization campaigns, they will manage to get more people to get tested and diagnosed about the condition.

Another initiative that he has been part of for sometime is the operation smile campaign. This is a charity that he came up with when he realized that most of the children born with cleft lips and palates in the third world could not afford corrective surgery. He has been carrying out a Go fund me campaign, hoping to raise enough money to support a few more kids through the initiative this year. There are many other works and initiatives that he has been part of over the years. The success of these ventures is what has made him one of the best dentists around.

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Omar Yunes Knows How to Handle His Company

Since Omar Yunes has been in the working force, he has always been an entrepreneur. He has tried to make sure that he can do different things and that has allowed him the chance to make his businesses better so that he can help different people. He is confident in the skills that he has and he also knows that all of these skills will give him a chance to try new things no matter what he is doing. For Omar Yunes to be able to do these things, he likes to make sure that things are going to work out for him and for the area that he is in. He has had many opportunities to be successful and has used these to make things better for himself and for people who are in different situations. Because of the options that Omar Yunes has in different industries, he is confident that he will be able to make many different changes.

One of the first things that he did was open Sushi Itto. He found that chain restaurants were successful and that people were able to do more with the options that they had. Omar Yunes knows a lot about different things and also knows that there are more options than what he had in the past. Since he opened Sushi Itto, he actually won an award. The award was given to him for being the number one franchisee in the whole world. He has done well with the franchises that he has and Sushi Itto has been one of the best things that has happened to him.

While Omar Yunes is working at Sushi Itto, he always makes sure that he is doing everything that he can for his customers. There are several different opportunities that he has had to make a difference and all of these have led to him bringing change to the Sushi Itto options. He has customized it so that it will fit in better with the things that he has going on in Mexico and with the options that people have in the Mexican market.

Agora Financial Continues to Provide Profitable ROI

Agora Financial LLC, located in Baltimore, MD, is an independent financial advisory company that provides economic commentary through webinars and newsletters. The main topics of interest in their discussions are the growth investments in such areas as energy, minerals, and electronics, to name a few. The company began in 1984 and continues to provide information that attracts the attention of investors worldwide.

Agora Financial is available to discuss your investment desires whether your interests are in immediate growth investments or long term income planning. The varied investment interests of many clients require flexibility and long-range planning; areas in which the Agora Financial staff have successfully worked with their customers and achieved above average success building portfolios acquiring wealth.

Contact Information – Call and speak to a representative at 1-800-708-1020, or address your inquiries to:

The address of Agora Financial is 808 St. Paul St. Baltimore, MD, 21202

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America Introduces a Unique Clinical Pathways Platform in Partnership with Nanthealth and Allscripts

Cancer Treatment Centers of America consists of five health facilities focused on treating adult cancer patients. The institution recently enlisted the help of Nanthealth and Allscripts in developing a comprehensive and custom oncology treatment platform. The platform, which is known as Clinical Pathways, is designed to enable oncologists in identifying treatment regimens for patients. These regimens are based on evidence.

Nanthealth provided clinical decision support while Allscripts designed Sunrise electronic health record (EHR) amidst the development of Clinical Pathways. Allscripts’ EHR provides access to clinical workflows. Nanthealth is also known for creating NantOS that holds a collection of emerging cancer care data and inputs from oncologists. NantOS is embedded in the custom oncology treatment platform.

Speaking during the launch of Clinical Pathways, CTCA’s CMO, George Daneker, said that the platform presents all appropriate treatment options. Daneker also pointed out that the platform helps to eliminate guesswork and outdated data by providing new data and oncology research. The CMO said that CTCA created an ecosystem of diverse treatment options. These remedies are customized to comply with CTCA’s standard of care.

CEO Paul Black of Allscripts said that CTCA, Nanthealth, and Allscripts started planning for Clinical Pathways back in 2016. Their shared mission was to help providers and patients get the best experience from an integrated solution. Black also mentioned that the three companies delivered Clinical Pathways through strategic design sessions and clinical workflows.

About Cancer Treatment Centers of America

With its official headquarters in Boca Raton, FL, CTCA’s integrative approach to cancer care encompasses several elements. These include chemotherapy, immunotherapy, precision cancer treatment, and modern genomic advances. CTCA also uses evidence-informed therapies that are designed to enhance patients’ quality life in physical and emotional perspectives.

CTCA’s hospitals are situated in Tulsa, Chicago, Phoenix, Philadelphia, and Atlanta. They are ranked among the top health facilities in the U.S. regarding offering the highest quality of patient experience and care.

White Shark Media Helping Brands Grow

White Shark Media is an Internet marketing firm that provides immense services to those looking to grow their brand online and through other media channels on the web. Things like ranking on Google is one thing, but to be able to capture your brand through pay per click advertising can be a bit tough. The brand continues to change the industry with their work by bringing on only the best people in the business and only the trained are welcome. The best thing to do is to remember that they are a marketing agency that delivers results for their clients.

Are you looking to build your brand through organic SEO? What about through a national campaign and reaching out to millions of customers? Whether you are a local business or a brand wanting to beat out other huge companies in your industry through a national campaign, you can be sure that White Shark Media is going to change your marketing perspective and give you what you are mostly in need of. White Shark Media can provide everything from low budget marketing successes to huge growth in your industry. There are brands who come to White Shark to get everything for their company done.

When my team had worked with White Shark Media, we loved how well they brought together an efficient solution for the company. Everything that they ever needed was provided to my company, including things I could do to help better our performance online. They provided monthly conference calls and provided us with knowledge about our website we had never known.

White Shark Media is by far one of the best in the industry. They offer all the right marketing services for any corporation wanting to reach the Internet world the right way and as efficiently as possible. They love to work together with their clients in a very legit way through efficient solutions and providing powerful options. You can get in contact with their team to find out about pricing and what they have to offer. they give all the information you need to know about the company and services.


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