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Ricardo Guimarães gives an Interesting and Intoxicating Insight on the Beer Industry

A new strategy from the giant Ansheuser-Busch InBev is in order to reclaim their sales in the American market that has caused daunting fears for small artisanal beer producers in the U.S., says President Ricardo Guimarães of BMG Bank.

The strategic plan of InBev is based on financial incentives to brewing vendors that concentrate their sales on large brands such as Budweiser and Bud Light. These incentives would lay the foundation of an annual return close to 1.5 million dollars for each of these establishments in which sells beer of the InBev Company corresponding to 98% of total marketing.

The incentives also aim traders who fail to reach the mark of 98% of sales of InBev products: with the brand up to 95% of sales only of beers produced by the giant market, the property would receive an amount in the form of incentives, enough to cover up to half of their marketing expenses with brands.

AB InBev estimates that the individual gain of each trader within the program can reach 200 million dollars annually. The calculation was released in the plan launched by the company in its operational headquarters in the United States in St. Louis, during a meeting with American distributors. AB InBev has experienced a drop in production of 11 million hectoliters, and has lost 4% share of the US beer market, a decrease from 49% to 45%. This market loss started in 2008, when the world’s largest brewer acquired Anheuser -Busch Co. According to InBev, the incentive program proposed by the company is part of its strategy to recover sales in its most profitable sector.

Parallel to the incentive program, AB InBev is awaiting approval from the US Justice Department to buy British brewer SABMiller PLC in a deal around 108 billion dollars, says Guimarães. Both the plan of incentives to merchants, along with the merger approval has generated fear among producers of craft beers of losing a significant portion of their market. According to artisan producers, incentives planned by AB InBev aim to strengthen the market, making the placement of craft beers in trade and even impeding the distribution of such beers for some of the largest distributors in the United States.

A second report by The Wall Street Journal states that the recent operations of InBev in the US market will make it more difficult for the distribution of craft beers in retail. Guimarães reports that both the Attorney General of California and the United States Department of Justice have been investigating the latest moves of the world’s largest brewer in the US market in order to determine the size of the impact that craft brewers suffer from the aggressive strategy of InBev on American soil.

Since 1998 Ricardo Guimarães has been leading the multi-national BMG Bank. As President, Guimarães has continued to strive for excellence in the banking industry ensuring a healthy and equal opportunity family business. His shared vision derives from a long history of the banking services dating all the way back to 1930 when his grandfather founded the Land Credit Bank. With over 80 years of experience, the BMG Bank has earned its spot as a top leader in personal and payroll loans in Brazil.

U.S. Money Reserve President Phillip Diehl Thinks Gold Is The Safest Investment In 2016


There aren’t too many men like Phil Diehl in the money market. Diehl was the creator of the 50 State Quarter program at the U.S. Mint, and he was the guy behind the first-ever government-issued platinum coin. Diehl has been the chief of staff of the U.S. Treasury and staff director of the Senate Finance Committee.

Bill Clinton nominated Diehl for Director of the Mint. In that position, Diehl worked closely with the executive branch as well as members of Congress. Diehl knows how the money system works and as the current President of the U.S. Money Reserve he is still working with some of the most influential people in the country.

Diehl was interviewed on the Podcast Network recently, and he had some interesting things to say about the gold market as well as the strength of the dollar. It may surprise some people, but India and China are the two of the biggest gold hoarders in the world. Both countries believe that gold will hit $5,000 an ounce at some point in time, and they will have enough gold stashed away to keep their reserves in tip-top shape. (source: PR Newswire)

Gold did not a have a great year in 2015. The value dropped during the year, but the price of gold has been steadily increasing over the last two months. Phil Diehl believes stock market investors are pulling out of that market and investing in gold and silver. Mr. Diehl said that the U.S. Money Reserve has had a spike in business lately, and that spike is due to the volatility that the stock market is projecting.

The main reason for the uneasiness in the stock market is the China situation. China is pumping billions of dollars into their economy, in order to make the transition to a consumer-driven economy, but that switch is going to take time. In the meantime, other BRICS nations are in the throes of a recession and 2016 is not going to be a recovery year for them.

Investors like George Soros are saying the global market is going to crash because of the China’s economic debacle, and Phil Diehl is telling his clients to invest in gold coins, not gold bars. It seems Diehl still has a lot of clout when it comes to how and where to invest. Phil Diehl is an extraordinary money man, and the U.S Money Reserve is a perfect fit for him.

Spiraling Start-ups for Visual Search Technologies

Visual search start-ups are helping companies to allow their users find their products online based on the photos of objects they are looking for. Some of this start-ups include Stylumia and Slyce that offer artificial intelligence-based solutions for smart visual shopping online. Most people face a problem when shopping online especially for fashion related products. For instance, when you try finding clothes online through search you find out that the clothes or shoes are either too large of too small or you end up not getting stuffs that are similar. Due to frustrations, many people have opted to use the old ways of visiting the stores.

Stylumia Intelligence Technology Pvt Ltd is one of the start-ups that has offered artificial intelligence-based solutions for visual search online. Slyce, on the other hand, is delivering on its promises on the visual search’s breakthrough year of 2016. With the rise in the number of customers making purchases through mobile phones, it’s about time companies progress to the next revolution in visual search. The numbers have been very promising as Walmart recently reported 70% surge in the Black-Friday sales transacted through mobiles phones.

Some of the brands embracing the idea of visual search include Neiman Marcus, ToysRus, Target, and Home Depot. Slyce has been named the company to watch by Small Cap Power in developing the image recognition technology., a prominent financial data and a portal for news and social network for investors, claimed that the visual search technology as developed by Slyce has surpassed most artificial intelligence ideas. Slyce is now recognized as the proven leader in visual search technology and major brands have now taken notice of the company’s growth and “landmark partnerships”.

There are multiple start-ups globally that are trying the crack the benefits of visual search technologies. Pinterest is one of the companies that has reaped the benefits of adopting visual search. In India, start-ups like iLenze acquired about $500,000 in funding and SnapShopr, which its undisclosed funding are progressing with image recognition and visual search technologies. Chennai-based Mad Street Den obtained a funding of $1.5 million in 2015, and it’s now offering a visual recommendation engine to allow users to see the relevant guidance.

The world of e-commerce is booming. Start-ups like Visenze from Singapore and various start-ups in India are setting operations in India to cater for the rising demand. Many of these start-ups have sort to cater for multiple verticals and prioritizing the consumer applications.

George Soros Praises the German Chancellor

A multi-billionaire financial speculator, George Soros, thinks European Union is close to collapse.

First, there is unresolved Greek debt crisis that doesn’t appear to be resolved but rather postponed. Second, an even bigger issue, the Middle-Eastern migrant crisis.

Last year, over a million migrants, mostly young men, arrived in Europe claiming asylum. While many appear to be legitimate refugees, some carry fake Syrian passports or refuse to disclose their identity.

Moreover, there were some incidents involving those migrants, especially the New Year’s harassment of local women across European cities.

All of this happened due to German Chancellor’s invitation to Europe. As a result, masses of migrants have flocked to Germany. This has led to severe criticism of Angela Merkel, at home and abroad. The proposal that these migrants get redistributed among EU countries has led to outright refusal by several member states.

Countries such as Hungary, Slovakia, and Czech Republic refused to accept these refugees at all, claiming that they already left war zones and came from safe lands such as Turkey. As it’s claimed, this is an economic migrant crisis.

This certainly led to disunity among the EU nations, with some even sending back their migrants to neighbor countries- or just letting them pass through to Germany.

Schengen Zone, and the free movement of people within the European Union, is in danger itself, with some nations building fences.

Yet, George Soros praised Angela Merkel for her pro-migrant politics. According to CNBC, Soros stated that Merkel was right to foresee the dangers of EU disintegration in the face of the migrant crisis.

Furthermore, Soros asks if the Germany wants to accept all the privileges as well as responsibilities of being the dominant power in Europe.

In 2016, it is expected that another million migrants will come to Germany. It looks that Soros feels it is German responsibility.

Not long ago, he caused another controversy with a claim that the EU should accept at million migrants per year for foreseeable future. Many Europeans disagree.

The concerns are financial burden, possibly increased crime rates, potential of more terrorist attacks on European soil (ISIS claims to be sending their men to Europe) as well as destruction of ethnic balance in EU countries.

It came to the point where some politicians make openly hostile comments to Soros’s proposal. One is for sure Victor Orban, the leader of Hungary. Meanwhile, the Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, went even further and banned Soros’s foundations from Russia.

Still, Soros’s quest for fame makes the 85-year-old continue with his “world-saving” ideas to the dismay of many.

Ricardo Guimaraes: The Man Behind the Rise of Banco BMG.

The Guimaraes family entered the financial sector in 1930 when Ricardo’s grandfather founded a financial institution known as Land Credit Bank. Under the leadership of Mr. Ricardo Guimaraes, Banco BMG has become a leading financial institution when it comes to payroll loans and personal loans. Banco BMG’s lean structure enables it to offer deals with low default and reduced interest rates.


Up to the mid 90’s, BMG funded retail and wholesale businesses. In the 80’s the bank was a leader in financing light and heavy vehicles and this enabled Brazil’s motor vehicle industry to rise significantly. Due to changing times, Bank BMG began to focus more on the assignment of payrolls, becoming a reference nationwide in this kind of operation.


In July 2012, Banco BMG signed an association agreement with Banco Itau Unibanco SA. The two institutions agreed to supply, distribute, and market Brazil’s payroll loans together. They decided to call the joint venture Banco Itau BMG Payroll SA.


In April 2014, the two financial institutions decided to sign an agreement to unitize their businesses. They concentrated their payroll loan operations under the joint business undertaking. This resulted in better and more efficient operations throughout Brazil. Banco BMG currently owns 40% of the voting and total capital while Itau Unibanco owns the 60% that is remaining.


According to a recent study by Endeavor and Meta, a British research institute, the profile of Mr. Ricardo makes him Brazil’s biggest entrepreneur due to his creativity, dreams, and vision. According to over 9,000 respondents who were interviewed in a recent survey by the two research organizations, almost all the respondents gave “big dream” the highest score and “proactivity” the lowest score.


Banco BMG continues to maintain a tradition of creating and valuing talent in sports and other activities related to art in the state of Minas Gerais. The bank has been sponsoring various categories all over Brazil especially in the visibility and prominence of athletes in the international arena.


According to Mr. Ricardo Guimaraes, it is vital to give support to Brazil’s dedicated, committed, and disciplined sportsmen, who are aiming to attain high goals. Such values are cherished highly by Banco BMG.

Ricardo restates that the partnership between BMG and Banco Itau Unibanco is aimed at presenting the name of the organization within the sports scent so that miners are also recognized nationwide.
Under Mr. Ricardo’s leadership, miners, as well as Banco BMG alongside its partners, have continued to make a real name for themselves in Brazil to their services to the country. It is no wonder that Mr. Ricardo continues to be a top Banker in Brazil.

Tips about Investment Banking Firms

The role of Investment banking is to advice companies and other entities on ways of raising funds for investment projects. Companies can use several ways to raise funds including capital and stock market s as well as private placement. Investment banks advices investors on the right time to float their equities at the stock exchange market watch through IPOs. Investment banking experts encourage companies with securities held by other private institutions or individuals to sell then and generate more funds for their projects. Investment banking firms have a broad network of expertise in relation to stock and financial markets. They have requisite knowledge and skills about all the legal processes involved and also current market demands that investors are searching for. Investment banking firms specialize in private equity, mergers and acquisitions, merchant as well as strategic investment plans as major deals for private placement.

An Overview of Kenneth Griffin

Ken Griffin is a hedge fund manager who began his first fund in 1987, when he was an economist student at Harvard University. He relied on his family and friends to raise the initial capital to fund his investment. He had installed a satellite at his dorm room to follow real market trends at the outside market. By the time Griffin was doing his senior year at the university, he had two funds with over $1 million in investment. After his graduation in 1989, he started Citadel LLC in 1990, and today it is one of the largest hedge funds in the world. Citadel has other affiliates including Citadel Securities and Citadel Technology. Citadel Security specializes in providing liquidity at the capital markets in the United States. On the other hand Citadel Technology focuses on information technology issues across the entire company (Citadel Group) as well as providing IT solutions to other clients. Ken Griffin and other high profile executives have been raising concerns about policies at the stock market that have not been reviewed foe a long time to be in line with the current market demands. In addition, he thinks the capital markets are controlled by young and inexperienced guys.

Crystal Hunt’s Amazing Success in Soap Operas

Soap Operas are a very popular part of modern culture today. They are a form of drama that is unlike any other. These soap operas are loved by many due to the amazing storylines and incredible relationships between different characters on the show. One Life to Live is a soap opera that has really stood out as a cult favorite. This is due to the incredible acting and character development that is put into this show. The writing of this show keeps viewers on the edge of their seats waiting to see what happens next between these characters.

Crystal Hunt was an amazing part of One Life to Live’s success, and her IMDb proves that it really helped her career. She was able to bring the spotlight onto her in this show and carry a large part of the story on her characters shoulders. This was due to her amazing acting skills and charismatic approach in the soap opera world. She was no stranger to performing as she started off in pageants at age 2. She was then off to the fast paced world of commercial acting. She acted side by side with some of the biggest celebrities of the 90s. This created a foundation of confidence that took Crystal onto the next level of her acting, and that saw her roles and opportunities grow, as well as her Facebook fan following.

In the early 2000s, Crystal began creating her soap opera legacy that she is so well known for today. She is now remembered for her amazing contributions to many different shows in the soap opera community. She has also successfully tried her hand at business as well. She was able to open a luxury dog kennel that caters to pet owners just like her. The future seems very bright for Crystal Hunt as she continues to act in many different dramas. Before long the world of acting will be looking back at Crystal Hunt as a legend in her chosen field.  From what she’s already accomplished on her Wikipedia page, she definitely has a bright future coming up.

Brands of Beneful Dog Foods

Purina Store is a widely known producer of dog food. Purina has ownership of many different brands. Most of them are favored by consumers, but none are as popular as Purina’s flagstaff dog food brand Beneful. Beneful has many different products that are all produced with the best available ingredients. Beneful is able to be purchased in most stores because everybody loves Beneful for their dogs. Many owners care about what their dogs eat, so giving them Beneful is a sure way of giving them the nutrients they need to grow. The Beef and Chicken Medley is one of the Prepared Meals that Beneful has designed especially for their dogs. Roasted Chicken Recipe is another one of Beneful’s Prepared Meals. These Prepared Meals are a premier type of dog food because of the great ingredients use. Prepared Meals are different than other dog foods of Beneful’s because of the special mixtures that are intended to resemble the ingredients of meals that actual people would eat. Healthy Smile Dental Ridges are great for helping a dog keep his mouth clean. Dogs do not know anything about dental hygiene, and taking a dog to get his teeth cleaned is often not worth the trouble. Healthy Smile Dental Ridges and Dental Twists clean dogs’ teeth by getting rid of the plaque and other types of garbage that may be on their teeth. These are nearly as tasty as treats and come in a variety of sizes so every dog can be able to properly clean their mouth, making them feel better about themselves and making the owner more content with the dog’s presence. Many people stay away from dogs because of smelly breath, so these treats get rid of that. Baked Delights are dog treats made by Beneful. These dog treats are available to be purchased in five different flavors. Beneful Originals is the main brand of dog food that Beneful has to offer. Beneful is rooted from Originals, which is the best selling dog food Beneful makes. Originals come in beef, salmon, and chicken. Beneful Originals are available in nearly every store because of their popularity.

When Back Surgery Was Needed, I Took The Minimally Invasive Approach At Nobilis Health

About two months ago I was in a bad car accident. I was sitting at a stop light when all of sudden the car behind me slammed me into oncoming traffic. My vehicle was hit by another car in the middle of the road, and my car rolled over three times. I had to have lost consciousness for a while because when I came to, there was someone outside my window telling me help was on the way. I laid there because I was not sure if I was able to move. Soon enough, I heard the sirens, and they got me out of the vehicle.

When they got me out, they asked me if anything hurt. I told them that I didn’t think I could feel my back or my neck. They informed me not to move because there could be an injury to my spine. I laid still, and they put me on the stretcher and rushed me off to the hospital on When I got there, I was still in a lot of pain, so they gave me some medicine. When they ran tests, they told me that I would need surgery right away because there was a part of my spine that was almost puncturing through the spinal canal. I told them I couldn’t have a full on surgery; I had to go home and take care of my kids. They told me about another option.

When they were explaining the other option, I was immediately on board. They said there was a place called the Nobilis Health Northstar Healthcare Surgery Center in Dallas, which was very close by. They could call them up to see if they had a surgeon available to do the surgery today. Luckily for me, they did have a surgeon available.

The difference between the surgery at the hospital I was rushed to and the Nobilis Health center is that Nobilis Health performs minimally invasive procedures. The hospital I was at told the Nobilis Health staff about my situation, and Nobilis Health assured them that they could do my surgery through with a minimally invasive approach, so I was sent over to Nobilis Health on stockhouse. The procedure was done in about five hours. I still had to stay overnight, just because of the accident, but the procedure went smoothly.

I was able to go home to my kids the next morning, and I thank some higher power that, that was the only damage, besides some bruising caused by the accident. I took it easy like they told me to for the next few weeks. About one month after my surgery, I was feeling pretty great. I was lucky that the car accident didn’t destroy my life. Since the surgery was a success, I can still spend time with my kids, and I can still live a normal life. I am so thankful for the Nobilis Health Center and their minimally invasive procedure because it allowed me to quickly go back to my regular life.

The Successes of Susan McGalla

Over the years, there has been a steady increase in the number of women indulging in business activities. Women are now making significant contributions in the world of business and politics. They are on the belief that they have the potential to initiate businesses and drive them to success. Times are now changing and a majority of women entrepreneurs are already coming with innovative ideas which are contributing to manufacture of products that are consumer-oriented. These women entrepreneurs have also been elected in various boards. In these boards, they have proven to be assets and they have raised concerns regarding minorities and women’s rights within their organizations. Most women have made impact on the business field in terms of contributing towards improving organizational success. Susan McGalla is one of such businesswomen. McGalla is an executive consultant in the business field, and she is centered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She was born in 1965 and raised together with her two brothers in Ohio. McGalla was treated no differently from his brothers as she received equal opportunities as them. Her father who was a football coach taught her the benefits of being a hard worker. After graduating from high school, McGalla joined the Mount Union College and pursued an undergraduate degree in business and marketing. She started her career at the department stores of Joseph Horne Company. She started off as a retailer. She was able to rise up her career ladder serving at various managerial and marketing positions. Susan later, in 1994, joined the American Eagle Outfitters and was made divisional merchandise buyer. She worked under various divisions and she was made the CMO of the corporation owing to her numerous successes. While serving as the CMO, she took charge of launching the 77kids brand and aerie. The launch was marked with success which saw her being promoted to the position of president of American Eagle Outfitters. Susan worked for the American Eagle Outfitters for more than a decade before finally leaving to start her own trade. Susan started by providing business-consulting services to companies in the financial and retail sector. She briefly worked for the Wet Seal Inc. where she took the position of a chief executive officer. McGalla exhibited her zeal and dedication while performing her duties. Throughout her career, Susan was in a position to register unmatched success as a businessperson as well as encouraging other women to venture into the business world. She was later appointed a member of the board of HFF Inc., a publicly traded firm dealing with real estate. She later quit freelance consulting to start her own company, the P3 Executive Consulting. Given her outstanding successful career, Susan has been able to give talks on guidance and motivation to different women groups. She has always encouraged the young women to put more effort in their undertakings in order to make their dreams a reality. McGalla is experienced in talent management, branding, operational efficiency and marketing. She always shares her experiences and challenges in climbing the corporate ladder.